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Wheels are your new sea legs


The world is becoming more accessible due to a combinatio­n of both assistive technologi­es and smarter infrastruc­ture. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the taming of the high seas. Thanks to portable mobility products such as the Luggie Scooter, hundreds of Australian­s have rolled their way across deck, from the Arctic to the Tasman to Sydney's humble Manly Ferry.

There's an increased understand­ing across the cruise-ship industry of the needs of travellers with a disability. Alison Carmichael­Rulten, who used a Luggie scooter for a threenight P&O cruise in the Pacific, was surprised at how seamless the experience was.

“I could easily take it into all the restaurant­s, bars, shops and everywhere else we wanted to go on the ship " she says, also noting that all the staff loved her neat, capable scooter.

Maureen Corrigan, whose Luggie cruise adventures have taken her to Iceland, the Mediterran­ean, and Asia recently braved the calmer waters of Sydney Harbour while holidaying in the sun-drenched city. With smooth ramps, helpful staff, and designated disability zones aboard the boat, Maureen can focus on enjoying the sights.

A busy cafe in the Rocks presents a bit of a problem, but we find a table and the Luggie is neatly folded away. Returning on the ferry is just as straightfo­rward, despite the swelling crowds.

The fine weather doesn't quite last the day, but Maureen zips over a damp Manly corso nonetheles­s back to her hotel room.

“The Luggie takes me wherever I want to go”' she says with characteri­stic aplomb, when discussing her future travel plans.

Maureen has written two books about her travels with MS, including many cruises. They can be found on Amazon under the name Maureen T. Corrigan.

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