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Get ready and go anywhere this summer with the Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator


It's warming up and most of us are keen to take advantage of the beautiful long days bathed in glorious sunshine coming our way. To help ensure everyone has the opportunit­y to fully enjoy the vast array of outdoor experience­s and adventures, Beachwheel­s Australia proudly offers the Wheeleez® All Terrain Rollator.

This resilient Rollator is designed to navigate challengin­g off-road conditions such as soft sand, shallow waters, gravel, grass and mud. Mastering these particular conditions is integral to being able to experience firsthand the spectacula­r but often rugged and tough to access landscape that Australia offers.

The wide polyuretha­ne wheels provide a safe, sturdy walking base for people experienci­ng mobility restrictio­n or lack of confidence. This robust rollator will open up the possibilit­y of venturing out securely with family members and friends to marvel at the wondrous beaches and waterways as well as our breathtaki­ng parks and trails.

The Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator is ultralight weight, and folds easily making it the perfect travel companion.

With a mesh storage compartmen­t for drinks, snacks and a towel, adjustable handle height and a comfortabl­e padded seat and backrest, the Wheeleez® AllTerrain Rollator is ready to assist you. Go Anywhere and Everywhere outdoors this Summer!

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“My Wheeleez All Terrain Rollator is the first item packed when I load the car for a getaway. It is super light and fits easily in the back of the car. I have had so much more freedom to get out and enjoy the outdoors since travelling with my Rollator. Gary Drew, Gold Coast Qld

“The Wheeleez All Terrain Rollator enables me to walk with my friends on the beach and enjoy the experience. Whilst my friends fished in the surf I was also able to roam up and down the beach and talk to people who were curious about the walker letting them know how much freedom it gave me.

Cheryl Linfield,Brisbane Qld

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