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No one likes navigating an airport, whether departing or arriving. It's doubly difficult when you're in a wheelchair, and trying to bring luggage along with you. Some countries have airport attendants to assist, but what can you do when they aren't available? This problem can be enough to ruin the start, or the end, of a fantastic trip.

That's why Mogo is thrilled to be stocking bag solutions from Phoenix Instinct. Their wheeled bags are purpose-designed to be wheelchair compatible. They distribute the luggage weight evenly across their own multi-directiona­l wheels, allowing them to be towed or pushed easily. That means your wheelchair won't tip over, even with a heavy bag attached.

The Phoenix System is a base that's compatible with bags of varying sizes and styles, so you can switch out your luggage for shorter or longer trips. If you'd prefer an all-in-one solution, try the All-In-One Twinset, which has a large bag that connects to a matching backpack. All Phoenix Instinct products are made from durable, lightweigh­t material that can hold up to the wear-and-tear of frequent travelling.

Even if you don't have a trip planned, you'll find these Phoenix Instinct bags super-handy for day-today use. Whether you're carrying groceries home, taking something bulky to a friend's house, or packing everything you need for a big day on-the-go, a Phoenix Instinct bag is your best friend.

Find out more about Phoenix Instinct and other great customised solutions supplied by Mogo on their website: mogowheelc­

Alternativ­ely, contact the team on (02) 9708 5255

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to discuss what's right for you.

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