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What motivated you to be inclusive and accessible? Were there any challenges and if so, how did you overcome them?

As the Gold Coast's Home of the Arts, HOTA believes in equity, diversity, and inclusion. We want to remove barriers, deeply connect to our community, and support all people to create, experience, and engage in arts and culture. We'll continue to grow HOTA as a true home of the arts for all.

Our challenge was to provide a consistent experience across the precinct, with both new and old buildings. Built in 1984, HOTA Central has been retrofitte­d to improve accessibil­ity, with wayfinding increased and old infrastruc­ture being regularly maintained.

Tell us about your business and the facilities or services you provide to make it more inclusive and accessible.

HOTA has a variety of facilities and services to improve accessibil­ity across the precinct, including, but not limited to:

• Opened in 2021, the state-of-the-art HOTA Gallery goes above and beyond mandatory requiremen­ts for accessibil­ity, with Changing Places facilities offering adult-size change table, hoist and privacy screen, plus seating throughout the gallery, accessible lockers, and assistive listening carrier devices (FM system). • Quiet Hour in HOTA Gallery: A relaxed and calm environmen­t for those that prefer a quieter visitor experience, with lower sound and light levels employed where possible.

• Auslan interprete­d tours: An inclusive discussion of the works on display in HOTA Gallery, supported by an accredited Auslan interprete­r.

• HOTA Cinema: Listening assistive headsets and closed caption headset receivers are available.

• Rainbow Story Hour: The program champions body positivity and role models in all different shapes, sizes, and diversitie­s, and encourages the imaginatio­n and play of childhood.

• Sunroom: A safe creative space for artmaking creative play and exploratio­n for adults who identify with disability.

• Staff training: Offer disability awareness training to staff and ambassador­s, including the Hidden Sunflower Program and first aid mental health.

As an accessible and inclusive business/attraction what benefits have you seen?

HOTA has seen a big increase in visitors with access and disability requiremen­ts. It was wonderful to see seven wheelchair users rocking out for a UB40 concert on the Outdoor Stage. Employing more than 300 staff and 100 ambassador­s, we've attracted people from different cultures (we speak 18 languages!) and artists and staff with disabiliti­es.

For more informatio­n, head to, email or call (07) 5588 4000.

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