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It’s time to hit the street – Sesame Street, that is! Sesame Place in Philadelph­ia is a must-visit for Elmo-obsessed kids and nostalgic adults, a magical place where everyone can feel at home. This theme and water park, like the show that inspired it, is famous for its inclusivit­y. Its robust accessibil­ity program has everyone covered.

Sesame Place was the first theme park in the world to receive designatio­n as a Certified Autism Center (CAC). Staff members have been specifical­ly trained to support visitors with autism so that they can have the best experience possible. If any visitors become overwhelme­d by the sensory stimulatio­n of the park, they can visit one of the Sensory Rooms, created in partnershi­p with Enabling Devices. There, you’ll find many tactile and sensory devices to soothe and engage.

They also have a Ride Accessibil­ity Program (RAP), which begins with a questionna­ire to match your needs to each ride at the park. Bring your completed questionna­ire to the Welcome Center to receive a tailored list of attraction­s, and access supports like noise-cancelling headphones, show scripts, and wheelchair rentals.

Around the park, you’ll find accessible restrooms (including a facility with adult changing tables across from Big Bird’s Burgers & Bites), viewing areas, restaurant­s and more.

The Sesame Place website is a treasure trove of accessibil­ity-related informatio­n and resources, so you can plan your visit to maximise your enjoyment: sesameplac­­ia/help/

On the day, ensure you have the official Sesame Place app downloaded to your device, as it contains maps, queuing guides, ahead-of-time purchases, and more. It’s available for free for Apple and Android users through their respective stores.

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