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Trouble with Me

Your (In)Accessible Travel Experience­s Podcast


Join us on this ride and enjoy the suspense of our accessibil­ity horror stories. Get useful tips, so that planning your next accessible trip may be easier, and discover the state of accessibil­ity in cities and tourist attraction­s around the world.

All of it sprinkled with cool accessibil­ity tidbits and, of course, some necessary dark humour.

Trouble with Me is a 20-minute accessible travel podcast hosted by Joan Pahisa. You can listen to it for free on YouTube with subtitles and on all major podcast platforms, such as Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts, Alexa, Amazon Music and more.


The heart of the show are are the accessibil­ity horror stories. When travelling with a disability it's quite easy to find yourself in surreal situations (and even more so when visiting different cultures): broken mobility devices, inaccessib­le transporta­tion, health hiccups, being denied entrance at attraction­s, travel agencies that have no clue or directly bizarre interactio­ns. We've experience­d it all and we share it with you in the form of a true horror story, where anxiety, thrill, suspense and irony mix together until the (un)expected climax.


Despite the rush of the stories, our goal is for them not to repeat or, at least, for them to have a lesser impact whenever they happen. Thus, our tips section will help you better plan for your trips, know what to do if anything goes wrong and build a small support network at your destinatio­n.


As a travel podcast, we also make accessibil­ity reviews of destinatio­ns to provide you with ideas for future trips.

So far we have visited Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels and San Francisco. We also make in-depth reports of tourist attraction­s (e.g. Sagrada Familia's cathedral, Niagara Falls, Fushimi Inari or Montmartre, to name a few), taking into account physical, visual, hearing, sensory and cognitive accessibil­ity. Full reviews, as well as transcript­ions, are available for download at troublewit­


Also, every now and then we interview fellow travellers who get to answer our fast travel quiz and we always wrap it up with a selection of sounds from all over the world.

For more informatio­n, you can visit us at troublewit­ or get in touch at TabiFolk, your accessible travel community. Trouble with Me podcast: listen, learn, laugh and enjoy!

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