Triathlon Plus - - Nutrition Feature -

● The night be­fore: a sim­ple car­bo­hy­drate­based meal, with only small amounts of meat, fat and non-fi­brous veg. For ex­am­ple, baked po­tato wedges (no skins), poached egg and to­mato ketchup. Fruit yo­ghurt for dessert. Con­sume your nor­mal plate-size; don’t try to eat ex­tra. ● Race morn­ing: four hours be­fore your race, eat a sim­ple car­bo­hy­drate break­fast such as three slices of toast or a medium-large bowl of corn­flakes and skimmed milk. ● Dur­ing the race: sip an en­ergy drink on the bike, small amounts ev­ery 10-min­utes.

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