Do ei­ther of you sneak off for an ex­tra train­ing ses­sion with­out the other know­ing?

Triathlon Plus - - Vicky Holland -

[Laughs]. No, I don’t think so. Our train­ing pro­grammes are sim­i­lar but sub­tly dif­fer­ent. We’re both very at ease with that. It’s not some­thing we think about too much out­side of our ac­tual train­ing times. It could al­most get in the way of the friend­ship, if you let it. But we’re both very good at not fo­cus­ing too much on the finer de­tails of that sort of thing out­side of spe­cific train­ing times. We’re much more likely to be on the sofa watch­ing Friends than chat­ting about who’s done what to­day.

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