Q. Af­ter a 10-12k run, I of­ten feel a burn­ing sen­sa­tion in my lower calf where the Achilles ten­don goes into the calf. It eases with move­ment but is there a way I can avoid the dis­com­fort?

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A. This is most likely to be an over­load is­sue in ei­ther your calf mus­cle, Achilles ten­don or the area where the ten­don blends into the mus­cle. If you find your calf does not bother you on shorter runs but does af­ter the longer ones it’s likely you have reached the point of fa­tigue for your calf and the mus­cle is no longer able to per­form. This can cause ir­ri­ta­tion of ei­ther the mus­cle or the ten­don giv­ing it that in­flamed feel­ing. Move­ment will help this as it gets lots of blood pump­ing around the area and will flush the swelling away. Ic­ing your calf at the end of your run will also help.

I sug­gest test­ing your max­i­mum calf raises to fa­tigue on both your af­fected and non af­fected leg. If there is a dif­fer­ence then you know you need to work on strength­en­ing that calf to en­sure it can keep up with the dis­tances you are want­ing to run.

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