Your strength train­ing fo­cus should vary through­out the year, de­pend­ing on the phase you’re in…

Triathlon Plus - - Strength Training -

Base phase Typ­i­cally 12 weeks (eg Fe­bru­ary-April)

The main fo­cus in this phase is en­durance train­ing at low in­ten­si­ties. Dur­ing this pe­riod, your strength train­ing ex­er­cises should be at rel­a­tively low re­sis­tance with a high num­ber of rep­e­ti­tions. The idea is to pre­pare your body for the heav­ier weights in the next phase. For ex­am­ple: 3x12 reps with light re­sis­tance and 30 sec­onds rests.

Build phase Typ­i­cally 8 weeks (eg May and June)

As your swim, bike and run work­outs be­come more race-spe­cific it’s a good time to progress your strength work­outs so that you’re lift­ing heav­ier weights. For ex­am­ple: 3x5 reps at 80-90% of your 1-rep max­i­mum with 2 to 4 min­utes rests.

Peak phase Typ­i­cally 4 weeks (eg July)

This phase starts at around three weeks be­fore your big­gest race or races. The aim is to get the right mix of in­ten­sity and rest to pro­duce race-readi­ness at the right time. Dur­ing this pe­riod you should re­vert back to lower re­sis­tance and a higher num­ber of rep­e­ti­tions. This helps to main­tain your strength with­out you feel­ing tired or sore. For ex­am­ple: 3x12 reps with light re­sis­tance and 30 sec­onds rests.

Race phase Typ­i­cally 1 week (eg early Au­gust)

In the 6 or 7 days be­fore your big race the main aims are to main­tain fit­ness, elim­i­nate fa­tigue and pre­pare men­tally. Dur­ing this pe­riod avoid strength train­ing al­to­gether.

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