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No one wants blis­ters, chaf­ing or pres­sure spots, which can set you back, es­pe­cially if you are rac­ing sock­less. Check de­sign fac­tors in­clud­ing in­ner lin­ing, stitch­ing, fab­ric and shoe width.


This refers to the re­ac­tion, en­ergy re­turn and mo­tion con­trol of the shoe. With each foot strike and push off, you want to feel as though your shoe is giv­ing you en­ergy, re­spond­ing and push­ing you all the way.

Sup­port and con­trol

We tested neu­tral shoes but most brands will of­fer the same mod­els of­fer­ing struc­ture and sta­bil­ity, which is ideal if you pronate, are hy­per mo­bile, have high arches or spe­cific foot re­quire­ments.

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