Triathlon Plus - - The Big Test - THE ‘CLOUDS’ OF


the Cloudflyer, the 12 open cush­ion­ing pods, are the dom­i­nat­ing fea­ture of this stylish and com­fort­able run­ning shoe. While it takes a few runs to get used to them, they cer­tainly feel less un­usual to the foot than they look. They are rel­a­tively light, while pro­vid­ing re­ally good im­pact pro­tec­tion. The mesh al­lows good air­flow in to the shoe, and the toe box is wide and com­fort­able. They are great for the flat and straight roads or de­cent path­ways, but felt slightly less sta­ble in the wet and off-road. How­ever, some testers found the up­pers lacked sup­port, par­tic­u­larly on un­even ground.

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