This is a per­fect, easy way to make a nu­tri­tious winter meal, ad­vises nu­tri­tion­ist Nigel Mitchell

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THIS SLOW-COOKED beef casse­role recipe is a time-saver for triath­letes, as you can sim­ply throw all of the in­gre­di­ents into the slow cooker, leave it for eight hours and return home from work or train­ing to a nu­tri­tious meal. Us­ing the slow cooker also means you can pro­duce larger batches to sus­tain you through­out the week.

A hearty 250g por­tion of casse­role con­tains just 278kcal per por­tion but still man­ages to pack in 39g pro­tein; per­fect for sup­port­ing your re­cov­ery af­ter a tough train­ing ses­sion, but also for keep­ing you feel­ing full for longer, which is help­ful when you are try­ing to re­strict your calo­rie in­take. As well as be­ing high in pro­tein, beef is a great source of iron, so a good help­ing of casse­role can help you steer clear of de­fi­ciency.

De­spite be­ing high in pro­tein, this recipe also man­ages to pro­vide a de­cent help­ing of car­bo­hy­drate (12.8g) pro­vided through low glycemic in­dex (GI) in­gre­di­ents, such as split peas, red lentils and car­rots, de­liv­er­ing a slow-re­lease source of en­ergy. These veg­eta­bles are a great source of es­sen­tial min­er­als too, such as mag­ne­sium and zinc, as well as be­ing rich in en­ergy-re­leas­ing B vi­ta­mins.

When you are ad­her­ing to a re­stricted calo­rie diet, it can be all too easy to be­come de­fi­cient in es­sen­tial mi­cronu­tri­ents, so en­sure that any meals you do eat are nu­tri­ent-dense and, if in doubt, con­sider sup­ple­ment­ing with a mul­ti­vi­ta­min.

PER SERV­ING EN­ERGY: 278 kcal FAT: 7.3g CAR­BO­HY­DRATE: 12.8g FI­BRE: 2.8g PRO­TEIN: 38.6g

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