Triathlon Plus - - The Big Test -


WE’VE BE­COME AC­CUS­TOMED to dhb out­per­form­ing its bud­get rep­u­ta­tion for many years now, but this jacket rep­re­sents a step-change for the brand. Of­ten the win­ner of our ‘best value’ award, by virtue of the keen price, the Aeron Storm is com­pa­ra­ble in price to many other jack­ets here. And it wal­lops many of them. We rode for two hours straight in pour­ing rain and not one drop of wa­ter got through the fab­ric. As im­por­tantly, its breatha­bil­ity dur­ing this ride was truly out­stand­ing, with a bear­able tem­per­a­ture main­tained within its co­coon, too. Fit-wise, it does fall down a lit­tle for us, ruck­ing up at the front when we leant for­ward and per­haps be­ing a lit­tle long in the arm. That said, you re­ally will strug­gle to find a bet­ter-per­form­ing jacket at this mid-range price.

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