Triathlon Plus - - The Big Test -


THE TOR­RENT LOOKS like a very tempt­ing prospect, with a taped frontal zip­per and chest pocket de­signed to take a phone or mp3 player, as it has a head­phone port on its in­ner. In­ter­nally taped seams com­ple­ment the three-layer con­struc­tion of the jacket, How­ever, we found lack of breatha­bil­ity to be an is­sue. A size­able rear pocket adds use­ful stowage, and turns in­side-out to pack the jacket into a zip­pable pack­age. How­ever, it’s a seem­ingly ill-con­ceived pack­age that’s big­ger than any jersey pocket we’ve ever seen. Also, it’s not too prac­ti­cal in use, as most of us will just roll a rain jacket up be­fore stash­ing it. The cuffs are also pretty un­com­fort­able – their tough Vel­cro strap clo­sure makes them hard to seat cosily un­der gloves, and still lets breeze in when worn over mitts. The jacket is use­fully stretchy, though.

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