Triathlon Plus - - The Bike Test -

OUR THREE bikes vary more in per­for­mance than first glances would have you think. Spe­cial­ized’s Di­verge Elite is a crack­ing tool for rip­ping down dry coun­try lanes, of­fers ex­cel­lent han­dling and boasts a com­fort­able ride al­lied to light­weight con­struc­tion. In the depths of winter, how­ever, its tyres are the main thing let­ting it down. If you’re think­ing of buy­ing one of these bikes for the warmer months, you’ll not do much bet­ter than this one for the money.

Gi­ant’s Any­road Co­max is a light­weight car­bon trail tool that sur­prised us with its will­ing­ness and sky-high lev­els of com­fort on bri­dle­ways. Its tyres cope with most that you’d care to throw at them, but it lacks a lit­tle of the prac­ti­cal­ity of the Gen­e­sis.

Speak­ing of which, de­spite its ex­tra weight over the other two, the CDA20 is the one we’d opt for. It has the trail pres­ence of a Land Rover, mas­sive tyres for ul­ti­mate trac­tion, and the most po­ten­tial to of­fer you a ride to re­mem­ber, overcoming even tech­ni­cal trails, and all with lug­gage-lug­ging ca­pa­bil­ity that broad­ens its range of use. Fit a rack, strap on a light­weight tent and you’re all set for a ride to re­mem­ber.

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