Re­vealed to be Dina’s hus­band, Gra­ham in­creases his venge­ful plot against the Ab­bott chil­dren, ap­pear­ing to plot to ei­ther send Ash­ley to prison or a men­tal asy­lum!

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Gra­ham’s plan is to have Dina sent to a nurs­ing home, on The Young and the Rest­less.

The de­spi­ca­ble Gra­ham Blood­worth has slunk back into the Ab­bott fam­ily’s or­bit with di­a­bol­i­cal new plans for their Alzheimer’s-suf­fer­ing mother Dina. In un­leash­ing his lat­est ef­forts to de-sta­bilise the fam­ily, it ap­pears Gra­ham is ze­ro­ing in on a new tar­get – Ash­ley. Af­ter mak­ing clear that he in­tended to ex­er­cise the med­i­cal Power of At­tor­ney he held for Dina (Marla Adams), Gra­ham (Max Shippee) forced the Ab­botts to call in their lawyer Michael (Chris­tian Le Blanc) when he tried to re­move Dina from the man­sion and into his cus­tody. Ul­ti­mately trapped into con­ced­ing to Gra­ham, Jack (Pe­ter Bergman), Ash­ley (Eileen David­son) and Traci (Beth Mait­land) watched him take Dina away be­fore ma­noeu­vring to de­feat Gra­ham in court. Once it be­came clear that Gra­ham planned to lock Dina away in a nurs­ing home, their mis­sion be­came more ur­gent.

On the day of the court­room show­down, Ash­ley and Traci worked valiantly to nd ev­i­dence in Dina’s per­sonal les to as­sist them in the case, leav­ing Jack to stall for time un­til they ar­rived. Bat­tling against Dina’s lapses into the past, Jack did his best to bat­ter Gra­ham’s ef­forts, but the case ap­peared lost when Gra­ham’s coun­sel slammed the Ab­botts for al­low­ing Dina to stab Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), burn down The Un­der­ground and kid­nap Chris­tian while in their care.

Think­ing all hope was lost, Jack

was re­lieved when his sis­ters ar­rived with the ev­i­dence from Dina’s jour­nals, which re­vealed how Gra­ham had won Dina’s trust be­fore she re­alised he had sin­is­ter in­ten­tions to­wards her. But be­fore she could stop him, she was di­ag­nosed with Alzheimer’s.

Mo­men­tar­ily, it ap­peared the judge would rule in the Ab­botts’ favour un­til Gra­ham’s last-minute bomb­shell changed ev­ery­thing. Re­veal­ing he and Dina were mar­ried, Gra­ham was de­clared her le­gal next of kin.

How­ever, Traci’s dis­cov­ery of a mar­riage li­cence, prov­ing they were mar­ried when Gra­ham spir­ited Dina out of Genoa City in Oc­to­ber 2017, gave them hope that the mar­riage could be an­nulled.

Wait­ing with an­tic­i­pa­tion, Ash­ley’s fears threat­ened to over­whelm her so she sought dis­trac­tion at work, de­vel­op­ing new cos­met­ics. How­ever, she was un­aware that Gra­ham was watch­ing her closely be­fore he sur­rep­ti­tiously broke into the lab and stole vials of chem­i­cals.

Soon af­ter, he lured Ash­ley to Dina’s suite, os­ten­si­bly for a peace­mak­ing lunch, but his in­ten­tions were made clearer when he had Ash­ley han­dle re­frig­er­ated med­i­ca­tion he told her was his di­a­betic medicine. Un­aware that she had put her nger­prints on the bot­tles, Ash­ley left, leav­ing Gra­ham smug to think his plan­ning was run­ning smoothly.

It ap­pears that in col­lect­ing Ash­ley’s nger­prints, Gra­ham could be set­ting her up to be framed for try­ing to poi­son her mother, which could ul­ti­mately send her to prison, thus in­creas­ing his hold over Dina and the Ab­bott fam­ily.

Al­ter­na­tively, he could be plot­ting to use his aware­ness of Ash­ley’s past men­tal in­sta­bil­ity to once again drive her in­sane and have her in­sti­tu­tional -ised, leav­ing Jack vul­ner­a­ble to fur­ther at­tacks. What­ever Gra­ham does, life for the Ab­botts isn’t about to im­prove any time soon.

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