Tar­get­ing Eve to be the next Mrs. Brady Black, Brady lures her in, while Eve is un­aware her life may be in dan­ger whether she mar­ries him or not.

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Eve nds an un­ex­pected ally, on Days of Our Lives.

Since Ni­cole’s de­par­ture, Brady’s faith and trust in women has been ir­repara­bly shat­tered, not only push­ing him over the edge into an al­co­holism re­lapse but in­creas­ingly twist­ing his mind with more sin­is­ter thoughts of how to deal with them. His lat­est tar­get is Eve Dono­van, his great un­cle Deimos’ wi­dow, and he’s de­clared he’ll go to any lengths to de­stroy her and her claim on the Kiri­akis for­tune.

Pos­si­bly against his bet­ter judge­ment, Vic­tor (John Anis­ton) has con­sented to al­low Brady (Eric Mart­solf) to take charge of the plot to rid Eve (Kassie DePaiva) from their or­bit, but that doesn’t mean Vic­tor’s pre­pared to wait for­ever for re­sults.

Re­cently, Brady’s slow se­duc­tion of Eve has got­ten un­der Vic­tor’s skin and, al­though he cau­tiously ap­proved of his grand­son’s tac­tics, he nally con­fronted Brady about the time it’s tak­ing. Frus­trated that Brady is prey­ing on Eve’s des­per­ate need for at­ten­tion, Vic­tor warned him he’s play­ing a dan­ger­ous game in which the play­ers them­selves of­ten get played. He was fur­ther shocked by Brady’s ex­pla­na­tion that he even­tu­ally plans to marry Eve be­fore strip­ping her of ev­ery­thing she owns.

Giv­ing Brady one last chance to suc­ceed, Vic­tor bluntly sug­gested that if the plot failed, they’d have no choice but to kill Eve! How­ever, Brady was con dent he’d be suc­cess­ful and it ap­peared he was head­ing in the right di­rec­tion. Eve con ded in Chloe (Na­dia Bjor­lin), who had ear­lier caught Eve and Brady hav­ing sex, that de­spite her sus­pi­cion Brady was us­ing her, she nds him a sexy and strong man who can as­suage her feel­ings of lone­li­ness. Soon af­ter, Eve seem­ingly fell deeper un­der Brady’s spell when he al­lowed her to over­hear his fab­ri­cated con­fronta­tion with Vic­tor be­fore he pas­sion­ately kissed her.

Is Eve fall­ing un­der Brady’s ir­re­sistible spell and will his twisted mind trig­ger his mur­der­ous in­stincts?

Mean­while, Vic­tor knew he was ap­peal­ing to Brady’s past mur­der­ous in­stincts by pitch­ing the idea of per­ma­nently eras­ing Eve from their lives. That thought bared fruit quicker than Vic­tor imag­ined, when Vi­vian (Louise Sorel) paid Brady and Eve a visit to gloat about steal­ing Gabi’s (Camila Banus) com­pany, Gabi Chic, from Kiri­akis’s con­trol to be owned un­der the DiMera En­ter­prises ban­ner.

Upon hear­ing Vi­vian threat­en­ing to de­stroy the Kiri­akis fam­ily, while also damn­ing Eve for be­ing a for­mer pros­ti­tute, Brady snapped and squeezed his hand around Vi­vian’s throat, spit­ting that he wouldn’t hes­i­tate to put her back into the sar­coph­a­gus, where he had im­pris­oned her years ear­lier, if she didn’t van­ish.

The mere men­tion of Vi­vian’s en­trap­ment in the lav­ish cof­fin is the strong­est hint yet that Brady’s vam­pire-like ten­den­cies may even­tu­ally en­gulf Eve. The rich wi­dow thinks she’s got Brady’s num­ber and can out­smart him, but if a wed­ding be­tween them does even­tu­ate then she’ll be at his com­plete mercy. Should she strike back at that point, it could be the death of her.

Then again, Eve may have an un­ex­pected ally in her cor­ner. With her sis­ter Theresa (Jen Lil­ley) head­ing back to Salem in a few months, per­haps Theresa will crash Brady and Eve’s wed­ding and ex­pose Brady’s machi­na­tions to pro­tect her sib­ling from an un­cer­tain fate. Or per­haps Theresa’s loy­alty to ex-lover Brady, the fa­ther of her son Tate, will prove too over­whelm­ing, forc­ing Theresa to plot with Brady against Eve, which would po­ten­tially leave Eve star­ing at life in a cof­fin!

Cap­tion FA­TAL AT­TRAC­TION? Eve (Kassie DePaiva) and Brady (Eric Mart­solf)

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