There’s nowhere else to turn, so Chop­per is on the run for his life, in the fi­nale of the mini-se­ries, Un­der­belly Files: Chop­per.

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Will Chop­per Read turn to his darker side, on the Un­der­belly Files.

Ev­ery ery way he turns, Mark “Chop­per” Read is a wanted man. He’s wanted by the two women in his life, as well as the crim­i­nal un­der­world for a range of deals they hold him re­spon­si­ble for.

He’s also wanted by the pub­lic who see the no­to­ri­ous crim­i­nal as some­thing of a mod­ern day “Ned Kelly”, for his ruth­less way of tak­ing on the law.

Most of all, how­ever, Chop­per (Aaron Jef­fery) is wanted by the po­lice, rst for a shoot­ing that went ter­ri­bly wrong and later for a dis­ap­pear­ance they are sure he’s be­hind.

There’s no respite in Chop­per’s world and he’s about to nd ev­ery­thing will come clos­ing in too fast for com­fort, in the shat­ter­ing se­ries nale of Un­der­belly Files: Chop­per.

His beloved part­ner Mar­garet (Ella Scott Lynch) has stood be­side him for years and knows all his darker sides, but she has been loyal through one cri­sis af­ter an­other.

But when he gets into trou­ble again, this time for the shoot­ing of crim Syd Collins (Todd La­sance), it’s the end of the line for Mar­garet. She made him swear to leave the worst of his un­der­world past be­hind, but af­ter the po­lice come call­ing again, Mar­garet is horri ed by the de­tails.

What’s even worse is the way she watches him han­dle the al­le­ga­tions. Chop­per has found a new place in the pub­lic lime­light as a larger-than-life char­ac­ter, who loves hold­ing court and telling his tales. Mar­garet can see he’s be­com­ing his own worst

Mar­garet gives Chop­per an ul­ti­ma­tion: straighten out your life or you’re on your own

en­emy and, bit by bit, their re­la­tion­ship be­gins to frac­ture.

This time, Mar­garet lays down the ul­ti­ma­tum: if Chop­per is found guilty and goes back to prison, she will leave him.

Chop­per is shocked by the warn­ing, yet it still fails to make him rein in his larg­erthan-life be­hav­iour as he turns the crim­i­nal trial into a cir­cus.

In the court­room, Chop­per rev­els in telling one big tale af­ter an­other and is un­able to re­sist hav­ing an au­di­ence to play to. The fun comes to an end, how­ever, when the jury an­nounces he’s to re­turn to prison with an inde nite sen­tence.

Mar­garet is true to her word – she tells Chop­per she can no longer live like this and leaves him.

Once locked away again, Chop­per nally re­alises the inde nite sen­tence means he might be stuck be­hind bars for the rest of his life.

Out of des­per­a­tion, he hatches a plan to re­turn to life on the out­side. He will need to change and cre­ate a new per­sona – that of a crim­i­nal who has seen the er­ror of his ways and re­forms. He also de­cides to marry and soon ex­changes vows with girl­friend Mary Ann (Zoe Ven­toura).

But for Chop­per to stay out of trou­ble, it will re­quire a mon­u­men­tal change of tack from the man who has never been one to run from a ght. So when a new turn of events nds the po­lice again ques­tion­ing him, this time over a mys­tery dis­ap­pear­ance, he faces a dilemma – to come clean and tell the truth or con­tinue the per­for­mance that has kept him in the spot­light for so long.

For Chop­per, it be­comes one of the big­gest de­ci­sions of his life. And once his mind is made up, he knows there will be no go­ing back.

DARK WORLD Syd Collins (Todd La­sance), and Chop­per (Aaron Jef­fery)

CHOP­PER’S BELOVED PART­NERS Mar­garet (Ella Scott Lynch) and Mary Ann (Zoe Ven­toura) TVS

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