An­nul­ment in Ala­mainia

An evil mo­tive, bizarre mem­o­ries and an un­ex­pected death threaten to de­rail John and Hope’s mis­sion

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Mar­i­tal splits can of­ten be prob­lem­atic but for John and Hope, end­ing the mar­riage that nei­ther of them can re­mem­ber be­gin­ning, is prov­ing night­mar­ish. Thanks to a let­ter hid­den in a safety de­posit box, co-owned by Ste­fano and the de­ceased Alice, the pair knows they must travel to the North African coun­try of Ala­mainia to sever the union so they can legally recom­mit to their spouses, Mar­lena and Bo.

Fate­fully, the foursome’s plans to leave im­me­di­ately for Ala­mainia are in­ter­rupted when they’re ad­vised that only John (Drake Ho­gestyn) and Hope (Kristian Al­fonso) have le­gal clear­ance to en­ter Ala­mainia.

In­stinc­tively aware that this is the work of a ma­nip­u­la­tive Ste­fano (Joseph Mas­colo), the duo re­luc­tantly de­cide to leave Mar­lena (Dei­dre Hall) and Bo (Pe­ter Reck­ell) home and head over­seas.

Once they are in Ala­mainia, mem­o­ries of the past and bizarre oc­cur­rences im­pact upon their mis­sion. Be­ing in the coun­try quickly dredges up long-buried mem­o­ries of the love they shared while they were brain­washed to be Princess Gina and The Pawn. Fight­ing against them, John ad­vises Hope that he’s se­cretly work­ing with the ISA to un­cover Ste­fano’s true mo­tives for un­leash­ing this lat­est se­cret on them. Then, Ste­fano ap­pears on their doorstep to taunt them about their hopes of es­cap­ing the mar­riage, mo­ti­vat­ing John to make con­tact with his ISA con­tact.

Be­fore he and Hope get the chance to met with Agent Walsh (Joshua Wolf Cole­man), they nd him dead in their ho­tel room, hav­ing been fa­tally stabbed with a sy­ringe.

Sud­denly, mur­der has crossed their paths and John and Hope are ner­vously aware that dis­en­tan­gling them­selves from a mar­riage they never wanted won’t be as easy as they thought. TVS



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