Nat’s glad

to be back on the street

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Natalie Bass­ingth­waighte’s re­turn to Neigh­bours, as the ul­ti­mate bad girl Izzy Hoy­land, is about to set the pace for high stakes emo­tional drama. Dur­ing a break in lm­ing, Nat re­vealed the real rea­son she de­cided to re­visit Ram­say Street.

Give us a hint on what are Izzy’s in­ten­tions for re­turn­ing to Ram­say Street?

Izzy is al­ways up to no good and this time is no ex­cep­tion. She knows what she wants and she is go­ing af­ter it. What ex­actly? You will have to wait and see…

Will she be bring­ing Holly with her?

Yes, Holly is with her. Izzy may not be the best mother in the world, but she loves her daugh­ter with all her heart.

Does Su­san have any­thing to worry about with Izzy be­ing back in town?

Ab­so­lutely – al­ways!

Why did you think this was the right time for you to re­turn to

Neigh­bours? I wanted to ex­pand my wings and ex­plore other roles. Com­ing off the back of play­ing Gil­lian in The Wrong Girl, who was so mea­sured, Izzy and her jilted ver­sion of what’s right and wrong was very en­tic­ing – to say the least!

Did you have to do any­thing to help “find” the char­ac­ter again within you?

I was ner­vous at rst and wasn’t sure if I even knew how to nd her again. But on that rst day on set, she just came alive! TVS

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