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Drawn to­gether by Reed’s re­cent bel­liger­ence and near-crim­i­nal be­hav­iour, JT and Vic­to­ria have nally ad­dressed what led to their di­vorce and the dam­ag­ing im­pact on their son. Af­ter ght­ing over who was to blame, they ended up hav­ing spon­ta­neous sex. They were so over­whelmed by their hook up, they had sex again on Vic­to­ria’s of­fice desk. While it ap­pears the adults may be rec­on­cil­ing, Reed’s re­sponse is un­pre­dictable. Should his par­ents get back to­gether then split again, it could take more than a de­ter­mined Nikki to sort it out.

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