A flicker or a flame?

Will the Coco-Ry­der ro­mance ever take off?

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The re­la­tion­ship be­tween Coco and Ry­der has been any­thing but smooth sail­ing since they rst laid eyes on each other months ago. Ev­ery time it looked like things were about to take off and gain mo­men­tum, fate has in­ter­vened and brought it all crash­ing to a halt.

But what has been gen­uine all along is the depth of Ry­der’s (Lukas Radovich) feel­ing for the younger of the As­toni sis­ters. Ry­der has had a crush on Coco (Anna Coc­querel) for a long time, but it has seemed she has been hes­i­tant all along.

One week she likes him, the next mo­ment, well – she’s not so sure.

Ry­der has been pa­tient through­out this time, wait­ing for their icker to burst into ames. But in up­com­ing episodes of Home and Away, their slow-burn­ing af­fair looks set to nally take a step for­ward. That is, if Coco can get a hold of her emo­tions and de­cide whether she ac­tu­ally wants a re­la­tion­ship with Ry­der. Or any­one else, for that mat­ter.

Af­ter the re­cent de­ba­cle of their rst of­fi­cial date, noth­ing now seems cer­tain. Ry­der was on his very best be­hav­iour, as he was so keen, but anx­i­ety over­took Coco and she freaked out on nd­ing her­self in a ro­man­tic set­ting with him. Ever since, Ry­der has been lost in know­ing what else he has to do to con­vince her of his feel­ings, and to prove his in­ten­tions are sin­cere.

When a sit­u­a­tion is this in­tense, some­thing is go­ing to have to give. But what Coco needs to do is work out what it is about Ry­der that scares her and why she keeps re­peat­ing the same pat­tern of run­ning away ev­ery time she gets close.

There’s only so long Ry­der will be pa­tient with this kind of be­hav­iour. What this sit­u­a­tion needs now is for Coco to show her hand by ex­press­ing her true feel­ings, or leave this alone and al­low him to move on, with­out her. TVS

Coco Ry­der

TRUE FEEL­INGS Coco (Anna Coc­querel) has to make up her mind about Ry­der (Lukas Radovich).

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