Can Karl be trusted?

Su­san and Karl’s mar­riage is still reel­ing in the wake of Izzy’s visit.

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Hur­ri­cane Izzy may have whipped in and out of town in a ash, but the path of de­struc­tion she cut dur­ing her visit has left wounds that have yet to heal. And the worst of them are with Su­san.

The long-suf­fer­ing Su­san (Jackie Wood­burne) is still stunned by just how much Karl (Alan Fletcher) changed from the mo­ment Izzy (Natalie Bass­ingth­waighte) ar­rived in town and be­gan play­ing her dan­ger­ous games with the Kennedy’s mar­riage all over again.

What has left Su­san even more shaken, how­ever, is how de­ceit­ful she feels Karl be­came through that time, keep­ing im­por­tant in­for­ma­tion from her. Su­san knows Karl thought he was do­ing the best thing and did not want to worry her, but, by do­ing so, Su­san now won­ders how much she can trust him and what else he is hid­ing from her?

As a re­sult, in up­com­ing episodes a rift ap­pears in the mar­riage, as Su­san keeps her dis­tance and Karl works over­time try­ing to win her back.

Only this time it needs more than sweet words and kind ges­tures. The trust has been bro­ken and this is a prob­lem that will take time to heal. What is most con­cern­ing, how­ever, is that Su­san nds her­self ques­tion­ing why she has stayed with Karl through the many times he has let her down.

She also comes to a re­al­i­sa­tion that sends up red ags of warn­ing. Su­san is a very dif­fer­ent woman to­day than a decade ago, when Karl ran off with Izzy the rst time, shat­ter­ing their mar­riage. At that time, Su­san won­dered how she would ever cope with­out him and she faced a long and painful jour­ney, as she learned to stand on her own feet with­out a hus­band by her side.

These days, Su­san knows she is stronger than ever and is no one’s vic­tim. She’s older, wiser and much smarter. If there’s no trust left in this mar­riage then Su­san won­ders what is keep­ing them to­gether.

Karl is of­fi­cially on no­tice, and the per­son who makes the next strate­gic – and dra­matic move – might be Su­san, declar­ing what it is she wants in her life. And that just might not in­clude Karl any longer! TVS

NO MORE GAMES Su­san (Jackie Wood­burne) re-eval­u­ates her mar­riage to Karl (Alan Fletcher).

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