Ju­lia New­man

(Meg Ben­nett)

TV Soap - - Daytime -

HER HIS­TORY: Ju­lia was al­ready mar­ried to tyran­ni­cal busi­ness­man Vic­tor New­man when she rst ap­peared in 1980. She en­dured years of emo­tional abuse from Vic­tor, who was jeal­ous of Ju­lia’s des­per­ate de­sires for other men. Af­ter Vic­tor de­nied Ju­lia a baby by hav­ing a va­sec­tomy, she found ex­tra­mar­i­tal love with

Michael Scott (Ni­cholas Bene­dict). When Vic­tor found out, he held Michael cap­tive in a base­ment dun­geon and tor­tured him. Be­com­ing preg­nant, Ju­lia tried to save Michael but mis­car­ried while ght­ing with Vic­tor, los­ing the child that was in fact her hus­band’s af­ter all. Di­vorc­ing Vic­tor, Ju­lia ed with Michael but later re­turned to save Vic­tor from a crazed stalker. For­giv­ing Vic­tor his sins, Ju­lia at­tended his wed­ding to Nikki in 1984. She then moved to Paris, where she mar­ried Charles Martin and had a daugh­ter, Jamie. In 2002, Ju­lia con­tacted Vic­tor need­ing his help. Her com­pany, Martin De­signs, was tar­geted for a hos­tile takeover by the ruth­less

Maxwell Hol­lis­ter, but Vic­tor helped her de­feat him.

EMO­TIONAL ABUSE Ju­lia (Meg Ben­nett) and Vic­tor New­man (Eric Brae­den) in hap­pier times.

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