Jen­nifer and Eric have nally com­mit­ted to each other, on Days of Our Lives.

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Long-time friends, Jen­nifer and Eric, have been strug­gling to forge a ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ship for ages. But while their ad­dic­tions, and Eric’s brief im­pris­on­ment, had de­railed their chances in the past, more re­cently it was a se­ries of mis­un­der­stand­ings that had kept them apart.

De­spite se­cretly yearn­ing for one an­other, Jen­nifer (Melissa Reeves) and Eric (Greg Vaughan) aborted their hopes of be­ing to­gether weeks ago. This was thanks to an over­heard con­ver­sa­tion, which Anna DiMera (Leann Hun­ley) mis­con­strued. Anna had heard Eric con­fid­ing in Ro­man (Josh Tay­lor) about his com­pli­cated feel­ings for Ni­cole, who had re­cently dumped him and fled town. From this, Anna mis­tak­enly con­cluded that Eric was still in love with Ni­cole and told Jen­nifer what she’d heard.

Dis­guis­ing her dis­ap­point­ment, Jen­nifer quickly moved on with her life, ac­cept­ing a date with Dr. Henry Shah (An­dre Khab­bazi). Although she en­joyed his com­pany, Jen­nifer kept things ca­sual, still pri­vately yearn­ing for Eric. Upon spy­ing Jen­nifer with her new man, a de­flated Eric re­treated mis­er­ably, think­ing he’d lost his chance with her.

With Valen­tine’s Day dawn­ing, Eric was sad­der than ever, as Jen­nifer dis­in­ter­est­edly pre­pared for an­other evening with Henry. Con­fid­ing in Ro­man and Anna about his pain, Eric’s mood sud­denly changed when they all re­alised Anna had been con­fused in what she had heard and passed on to Jen­nifer. Ea­ger to clear up the mis­un­der­stand­ing, Eric in­ter­rupted Jen­nifer and Henry’s date, de­clared his in­ter­est in her and told Jen­nifer he def­i­nitely doesn’t love Ni­cole any longer, be­cause he loves her!

At long last, the star-crossed pair shared a ro­man­tic evening, fol­lowed by a pas­sion­ate kiss, as they agreed they wanted to be to­gether. Eric quickly spread the news, with Ro­man glad to hear that Anna’s mis­take had been rec­ti­fied.

For now, Jen­nifer and Eric are hap­pier than ever, but, as al­ways in Salem, that peace may not last. There’s al­ways a chance their ad­dic­tions will rear their ugly heads to cause prob­lems in their re­la­tion­ship, or Ni­cole may resur­face to fight for Eric’s heart again.

More im­me­di­ately, a threat to their hap­pi­ness ap­pears to be closer to home. Brady (Eric Mart­solf), mo­ti­vated by his on­go­ing grudge against Eric for forc­ing him and Ni­cole apart, has al­ready warned Jen­nifer his step­brother is no good for her. Given the rise of Brady’s dark per­son­al­ity, he may end up strik­ing out against Eric to drive a wedge be­tween him and Jen­nifer. TVS

“There’s al­ways a chance their ad­dic­tions will rear their ugly heads.”

CON­FU­SION RE­SOLVED Eric (Greg Vaughan) opens up to Jen­nifer (Melissa Reeves).

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