A boozy night out changes every­thing for nutty, but lov­able, fur­ni­ture queen Vic­to­ria Sando, in Sando.

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Vic­to­ria San­dring­ham is no stranger to scan­dal, but she never thought one steamy ad­ven­ture could ruin her en­tire life!

As the CEO of fur­ni­ture store Sando’s Ware­house, Sando (as she is known by friends) thought she had the re­spect of her as­so­ciates, un­til she got busted with an em­ployee the morn­ing af­ter a rau­cous party.

All of a sud­den, Sando (Sacha Hor­ler) nds not only is her per­sonal life in the ring line, but so too is her busi­ness, as her en­e­mies be­gin to hover around.

That’s the premise of the ABC’s new com­edy se­ries Sando, which blazes into ac­tion as Sando at­tempts to save her busi­ness with the help of her dys­func­tional fam­ily.

There’s just one small prob­lem. Sando has been ex­com­mu­ni­cated from the fam­ily ever since she had a love child with her daugh­ter’s for­mer fi­ancée Kevin (Fi­rass Di­rani) 10 years ear­lier.

But now the fur­ni­ture’s hit the fan, Sando is in a pickle and comes gal­lop­ing back into the lives of her chil­dren, Susie (Krew Boylan) and Eric (Dy­lan Hesp), and her ex-hus­band, Don (Phil Lloyd), as un­ex­pect­edly as she left them years ago. This time, how­ever, Sando is forced to con­front the very worst of her past, as her trou­bled daugh­ter Susie de­tails all the hu­mil­i­a­tion and dis­tress she’s had to en­dure.

If things weren’t messy enough, the rest of the fam­ily is cook­ing up some steamy drama of its own. As Sando and Susie go to bat­tle in the kitchen, his­tory is about to re­peat it­self. Only this time, Don and Nicky (Adele Vuko), Susie’s best friend, get ro­man­ti­cally en­tan­gled in the pantry. (It’s not as if Susie needed an­other par­ent shag­ging her near­est and dear­est!)

With the whole slightly de­ranged gang gath­ered un­der one roof, things are set to reach boil­ing point. Then events take a new turn when Sando man­ages to talk her way into stay­ing in Susie’s guest house for the time be­ing, un­til the storm passes.

But with Sando around, that storm will not pass any­time soon. In fact, it’s only just gath­er­ing pace. Whether she’ll be able to pull her fam­ily and her busi­ness back to­gether, with­out turn­ing every­one’s lives up­side down yet again, seems an im­pos­si­ble task. TVS MAR 19-APR 2, 2018

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