Bill’s ready to snatch Will, spurring Thorne to pro­pose a quickie wed­ding to Katie to stop him!

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When Ridge’s power play at For­rester Cre­ations up­sets Brooke, it only serves to drive her into Bill’s arms on B&B!

All-out war be­tween exes Katie and Bill is now al­most cer­tain, fol­low­ing Katie’s court pe­ti­tion su­ing him for sole cus­tody of their young son Will. Al­though Bill’s out­raged enough to ght her tooth and nail, he con des to Justin that Brooke may be his sal­va­tion in re­solv­ing the case peace­fully. Re­veal­ing that Brooke’s lean­ing on her sis­ter on his be­half, Bill ex­plains that he’s level-headed and knows he loves the boy. In­sist­ing on com­plete con den­tial­ity re­gard­ing Brooke’s in­volve­ment, Bill waits on ten­ter­hooks for the out­come of their tête-à-tête.

Un­for­tu­nately, Brooke fails to dis­suade Katie from pur­su­ing the mat­ter, and that leaves Bill

de­ter­mined to tri­umph… what­ever the cost!

Mean­while, Katie’s (Heather Tom) boyfriend Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) is equally de ant that Bill (Don Di­a­mont) will lose Will (Fin­negan Ge­orge) and, af­ter weeks of a ver­bal, and just short of phys­i­cal, ac­ri­mony be­tween him­self, Katie and Spencer, he sug­gests there’s only one way to en­sure that hap­pens. To Katie’s ut­ter shock, Thorne sur­prises her with an un­ex­pected – but beau­ti­ful – pro­posal of mar­riage! As­sur­ing her he truly loves her, Thorne be­lieves that get­ting mar­ried would de nitely sway the judge ad­ju­di­cat­ing the claim to rule in their favour. Bill would never be vic­to­ri­ous when con­fronted by their united and lov­ing front.

Per­suaded by Thorne’s de­vo­tion to her and her lit­tle boy, Katie ac­cepts his ring and they seal their en­gage­ment, aware that they’ll have to move fast! The speed of the whole sce­nario rat­tles Katie, who knows she’ll en­dure Bill’s wrath when the en­gage­ment an­nounce­ment is made. True to form, he erupts when she ashes her en­gage­ment ring, dis­gusted that she’d will­ingly marry a sec­ond-rate fool... just to pun­ish him for not be­ing present as a proper fa­ther in Will’s life!

Ig­nor­ing Justin’s (Aaron D. Spears) ear­lier ad­vice on how best to make friends and in uence peo­ple, Bill in­structs his hench­man to play as dirty as pos­si­ble to win the cus­tody bat­tle. It’s a direc­tive fur­ther re­in­forced af­ter Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in­serts him­self into his en­emy’s per­sonal busi­ness, order­ing “Spencer” to spare Katie the heartache of los­ing their son. Detest­ing Ridge’s gall in in­trud­ing upon his pri­vate busi­ness, Bill main­tains that if Katie wants a war, she’s got one – but it’s one that will only have one win­ner: him!

Sim­i­larly, there’s only one vic­tor where Thorne’s con­cerned, es­pe­cially af­ter Carter (Lawrence Saint-Vic­tor) con rms that the guardian­ship hear­ing has been sched­uled on the court docket and a judge ap­pointed to over­see it. With time fast run­ning out, Thorne sug­gests to Katie that they also sched­ule their wed­ding as quickly as fea­si­ble. Given the For­resters have quite a pen­chant for pulling to­gether wed­dings at a mo­ment’s no­tice, a jit­tery Katie agrees – and the date is set for two days’ time! Their bond strength­ened, the be­trothed pair are more in love than ever, con­tent that by en­ter­ing court as hus­band and wife Will’s fu­ture wel­fare will be safe­guarded.

Katie is also as­sured that as Will’s step­fa­ther, Thorne will be the best role model her son could ever pos­si­bly have.

With so many naysay­ers against the union and the court case, Katie and Thorne’s wed­ding may not be as smooth as they hope. Loose can­nons like Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang), Ridge and ob­vi­ously Bill will do any­thing to en­sure they get their own way… even if it means Will has to suf­fer in the process!

Thorne TEN

Bill ACT IN HASTE... Katie’s (Heather Tom) is taken aback by Thorne’s (Ingo Rademacher) sud­den pro­posal! Katie

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