You don’t have time to ex­er­cise? Drop and give me 10!

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Find­ing the time would have to be the num­ber one hur­dle peo­ple cite to me for not get­ting enough ex­er­cise. And while most of us have busy sched­ules – in­clud­ing our favourite A-List celebri­ties – the key to liv­ing a healthy life is re­ally just tak­ing the time to stop and give your body what it needs to feel good. Some­times this may mean tak­ing a leisurely walk, at other times a more vig­or­ous work­out, a yoga class or per­haps even a lit­tle med­i­ta­tion to re­bal­ance our body.

What­ever level of move­ment your body needs, any­thing that can make it eas­ier for you to do is go­ing to help. So here are 10 ex­er­cises you can do with ab­so­lutely no equip­ment, min­i­mal space and on a short time frame, too. So the next time you nd your­self think­ing of all the rea­sons you can’t do some ex­er­cise, in­stead think of all the things you can do, and how good you’ll feel af­ter you nish!

How hard you ex­er­cise isn’t the fac­tor that makes most peo­ple reach their goals; it’s be­cause most peo­ple lack con­sis­tency – not in­ten­sity. So any time you need a sim­ple way to get that work­out in, stop and take 10! Th­ese ex­er­cises be­low will hit the legs from all an­gels, which is great for the ladies want­ing to shape up those legs for sum­mer, with a lit­tle up­per body strength and a dash of car­dio, too.

SQUATS with feet wide

Start­ing with your legs out wide, knees and toes at a 45-de­gree an­gle, squat to the ground so your up­per leg is par­al­lel to the oor. Be sure to face for­ward with your chest out so your torso stays rm. The wide stance helps ex the in­ner thigh.

SQUATS with feet close

Use the same tech­niques as the wide squat, ex­cept with the feet shoul­der-width apart with the toes point­ing to the front. This po­si­tion tar­gets the front of the legs.

SQUATS with a jump

With your feet in the same po­si­tion as the close squat, add a jump out of the bot­tom range of the ex­er­cise. This will in­crease the heart rate for a harder work­out.

LUNGES step­ping for­ward

Start­ing with your feet to­gether, take a step for­ward as your front knee bends to 90-de­gree, your back leg low­ered to the oor. Push out of the front leg to re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion and re­peat on the other side, al­ter­nat­ing legs.

LUNGES step­ping back­ward

Same as the for­ward step­ping lunge, ex­cept you take a step back­ward in­stead of for­ward.

CURTSEY lunges

Use the same tech­nique as the back­ward step­ping lunge, but this time step be­hind and across to the side, just like you’re do­ing a curtsey to the Queen.

REAL RAISES for calves This ex­er­cise is very sim­ple, yet a great one for the bot­tom of the legs and bal­ance. Stand with the feet hip-dis­tance apart, raise up onto the balls of the feet, pause, then lower to the oor.

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