When the truth about brib­ing the cus­tody case judge leaks, and Bill gets wind of it, there’ll be hell to pay!

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Brib­ing Judge McMullen to de­cide Will’s cus­tody case in Katie’s favour cer­tainly wasn’t one of Ridge’s most up­stand­ing mo­ments. How­ever, he has ab­so­lutely no mis­giv­ings about il­le­gally tam­per­ing with pro­ceed­ings! Bill was de­feated in his bid to steal his son from Katie – and hurt­ing Bill Spencer makes Ridge feel like a win­ner.

Sadly, Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang) is still feel­ing far from cel­e­bra­tory, weeks af­ter the case was set­tled, tak­ing every op­por­tu­nity she can to chas­tise and nag Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) about what he’s stooped to, while also de­fend­ing Bill (Don Di­a­mont) and his right to be a hands-on fa­ther. Her pas­sion­ate sup­port of Bill gnaws at a frus­trated Ridge, es­pe­cially when Brooke again takes a stand dur­ing a fam­ily din­ner, fed up with him bla­tantly sug­gest­ing that Katie (Heather Tom) and Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) should take Will (Fin­negan Ge­orge) with them on their over­seas hon­ey­moon. Of course, Bill needs to be con­sulted re­gard­ing the boy leav­ing the coun­try, as per the cus­tody agree­ment. Fu­ri­ous at hear­ing Brooke al­lude to Bill’s po­si­tion not be­ing en­tirely his fault, Ridge drags his wife into the kitchen, ha­rangu­ing her to stop de­fend­ing the man!

Out­raged that he and Thorne are re­joic­ing in Bill los­ing his son, Brooke snarls back that Ridge dug Bill’s grave but there’s no need for him to dance on it! He’s act­ing like a school­yard bully! Fur­ther­more, Bill could’ve pressed charges against him for push­ing him off the bal­cony, so he should be tread­ing care­fully around his neme­sis...

Play­ing nice with Ridge isn’t in Bill’s na­ture, though, es­pe­cially now he sus­pects that he may have turned Judge McMullen (Joe Lando) in his deal­ings with the case. Des­per­ate for proof of the in­ter­ven­tion, Bill is im­pa­tient with Justin’s (Aaron D. Spears) in­ves­ti­ga­tion into the mat­ter, warn­ing his right-hand man that while he hon­oured his pledge to be­come a changed man when he opted not to charge Ridge with

at­tempted mur­der, things will be very dif­fer­ent if he nds out he messed with the cus­tody suit! That’s ex­actly what be­gins to un­fold later that day when Justin con­firms he’s been iden­ti­fied as the per­son who’s been hav­ing covert meet­ings with the judge! Re­lay­ing the news back to Brooke, Bill bluntly de­mands to know if she’s aware of what hap­pened. Anx­ious that Bill’s clos­ing in on her hus­band, Brooke ner­vously side­steps his re­quest for the truth and rushes home to Ridge, de­ter­mined that the de­tails stay buried... to keep him from end­ing up in prison!

Like a dog with a bone, Bill won’t give up his quest to ex­tract the dirt, rmly be­liev­ing that Brooke holds the key to un­mask­ing and bring­ing down Ridge! Has­sling his ex-wife for an­swers, Bill suc­ceeds into pro­mot­ing more ar­gu­ments between the For­rester cou­ple, as­sured that Brooke’s loy­alty to him will even­tu­ally win out over her bond with Ridge. Scan­dalous se­crets al­ways weigh heav­ily on Brooke’s con­science, and if he keeps prod­ding long enough Bill’s cer­tain he’ll wear her down. Sure enough, Brooke’s suf­fer­ing men­tal tor­ture over her hus­band’s cor­rupt med­dling and, when he or­ders her to re­veal ex­actly what hap­pened between him and the ar­bi­tra­tor, Brooke loses con­trol and turns to Ridge, blurt­ing out, “Bill’s on to you!”

Dread­ing the ram­i­fi­ca­tions of Bill nd­ing proof, Ridge ac­cuses his wife of telling Bill about his re­la­tion­ship with the judge – but when she de­nies it, an edgy Ridge al­most loses it as his frayed nerves threaten to fail him in the mid­dle of the In­ti­mates fash­ion show!

Mean­while, Brooke at­tempts dam­age con­trol with Bill, how­ever her pas­sion­ate pleas only mo­ti­vate him to keep dig­ging, cer­tain she and “For­rester” are keep­ing se­crets from him... Em­ploy­ing com­puter whiz Ken (Danny Wood­burn) to probe deeper into the mys­tery, Bill is elated when the lit­tle hacker hits pay­dirt by ac­cess­ing the judge’s phone! Putting a plan of ex­po­sure in mo­tion, Bill lures a skit­tish Ridge, Brooke, Katie, Thorne and Judge McMullen to Spencer Pub­li­ca­tions, where he hor­ri­fies them with a recorded con­ver­sa­tion prov­ing Ridge and the judge were in ca­hoots!

Bill pro­vokes Ridge, who re­fuses to ac­cept that his foe is gen­uine in want­ing to be a bet­ter man and a bet­ter fa­ther. He’s noth­ing but a ma­nip­u­la­tive fake who’s play­ing games so he can get the one thing he truly wants: and that’s Brooke!

Torn over Ridge’s anger and Bill’s schem­ing ways, Brooke pleads with her ex for mercy, beg­ging him not to press charges that will jail Ridge. If Bill loves her, he’ll do this one thing for her! TVS

“Bill plays the recorded con­ver­sa­tion that proves Ridge and the judge were in ca­hoots!”

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