It’s a tan­gled web in Salem for Rex, Sarah and Eric when a big re­veal puts the cat among the pi­geons!

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A ppear­ing in Salem within days of each other to hap­pily an­nounce to their fam­i­lies they were en­gage, Rex and Sarah con­tem­plated the happy fu­ture ahead of them!

Sarah ex­plained to mum Mag­gie how the worst day of her life as a med­i­cal stu­dent turned into the best one of all when Rex brought her back from a melt­down she was hav­ing af­ter clash­ing with her su­pe­rior. He took her out­side to dry her tears, they dis­cov­ered they had lots in com­mon – et voila... it was love!

Within hours of their happy home­com­ing, there were signs that a dark­ness was about to de­scend when Rex (Kyle Low­der) re­con­nected with his brother Eric (Greg Vaughan). He and lis­tened to his woes about car­ing for baby Holly as a sin­gle dad in the wake of Nicole’s re­cent death in an

ex­plo­sion. Sooth­ing Eric’s wor­ries, Rex in­tro­duced him to Sarah (Lin­sey God­frey) and promised him that they would have his back. Af­ter all, they’re fam­ily and Eric can count on his brother.

Su­san (Stacy Haiduk) quickly spoiled the mood, though, with her un­set­tling pre­mo­ni­tion that there was a baby in Rex’s fu­ture. Sarah’s de­nial that she was preg­nant didn’t dis­pel the dark omens hov­er­ing over them as they pas­sion­ately en­twined, made wed­ding plans and pre­pared for the im­promptu en­gage­ment party Mag­gie (Suzanne Rogers) threw for them. Rex’s pre-party chat­ter with Sarah about hav­ing kids one day was just the ap­pe­tiser for the crazi­ness that ex­ploded later in the evening! Chloe crashed the soiree with the shock­ing news that Baby Bon­nie was the bi­o­log­i­cal daugh­ter of Mimi (Farah Fath) and her ex-lover Rex! What the...?

Shat­tered by the epic rev­e­la­tions, an emo­tional Sarah ranted to Mag­gie that Rex had bro­ken her heart – so she wanted to break his in re­turn! Promptly dump­ing her ancé, Sarah sought com­fort with Eric, quickly form­ing a close bond with him as they shared sto­ries of los­ing the loves of their lives while car­ing for Holly to­gether...

In be­friend­ing Eric, Sarah may have stum­bled upon the ideal means to get her re­venge on a cheat­ing Rex. All of Rex’s ear­lier sweet sen­ti­ments about be­ing the lov­ing, car­ing and help­ful brother that Eric needs will mean noth­ing if Sarah pur­sues Eric and he gives in to her ad­vances. Once they’ve hit the sheets, Rex will be the one to feel be­trayed by his lover and his brother, and war may well be de­clared. Af­ter all, Rex clearly still loves Sarah and with the threat of Eric steal­ing her from him, he could go to ex­tremes to break them up and win her back. Should Su­san’s pre­mo­ni­tion and as­sump­tion that Sarah was preg­nant ever turn into re­al­ity, this brand new love tri­an­gle could get even dirt­ier, es­pe­cially if Eric turns out to be Sarah’s baby­daddy!

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