Hands OFF my man

With her mar­riage in­creas­ingly un­der threat, Quinn’s nasty side resur­faces as she warns a provoca­tive Donna to stay away from Eric!

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their mar­riage; but just as both fondly agree that it was the best time in their lives, how could they know that Quinn has over­heard every sala­cious word!

En­raged when Donna coos to Eric, “I miss you, Honey Bear,” be­fore not­ing that the honey is still kept in the same cup­board it was when she was lady of the manor, Quinn dark­ens to hear her hus­band ad­mit he al­ways thinks of Donna when­ever he uses the honey! Tak­ing ad­van­tage of an in­ter­rup­tion that sends Eric out of the room, Quinn ad­vances on her blonde foe with a sin­is­ter ex­pres­sion, spit­ting that the honey’s past its ex­pi­ra­tion date! Ready for bat­tle, Donna taunts that honey never spoils!

Fed up with the saucy strum­pet stalk­ing her man, Quinn bluntly states that she and Eric have a healthy and happy mar­riage and, while Donna’s sis­ters may have bagged their For­rester men, she’ll never get

hers. If she dares to get her hooks back into Eric, she’ll de­stroy her! For the life of her, Quinn will never un­der­stand what Eric ever saw in Donna: she’s all esh and no sub­stance! Ac­cus­ing Quinn of ear­wig­ging and won­der­ing if she treats all her din­ner guests with such con­tempt, Donna storms off, not­ing to the oth­ers that Quinn still seems a “lit­tle off the wall”...

Alone with Katie (Heather Tom) and Thorne (Ingo Rademacher), Donna re­caps her en­counter with Quinn, adding that she hates that a woman like her is in Eric’s life. It’s a clear sig­nal Donna’s pre­pared to ght Quinn to save Eric from her and re­cap­ture their old magic.

Sur­pris­ingly, Donna shortly dis­cov­ers an un­ex­pected ally in her cor­ner. Gos­sip­ing with Pam about Quinn, and learn­ing all the crazy stunts she’s pulled while she’s been liv­ing away, Donna’s star­tled when her long­time en­emy ad­mits that Eric and Donna are soul­mates who should be to­gether! Con­fused as to what has come over Pam, Donna won­ders why she’s be­ing so nice... but Pam just con­tin­ues mak­ing amends, apol­o­gis­ing pro­fusely to her for her any past trans­gres­sions against her.

Soon enough, the rea­son for Pam’s at­ti­tude re­ver­sal be­comes clear when she re­veals she has a plan to en­act Quinn’s down­fall! She wants to get Donna re­hired at For­rester Cre­ations so that she’ll be around Eric every minute of every day, thereby cre­at­ing a chasm between him and Quinn. Once Donna gets close enough to se­duce Eric, Quinn will have no choice but to walk away from her mar­riage. Ti­t­il­lated by the idea, Donna knows she’s set­ting her­self up for an epic bat­tle with Quinn that could turn very ugly very quickly! Stay tuned! TVS

Pam DON’T BEE JEAL­OUS! Donna (Jen­nifer Gareis) and Quinn (Rena Sofer) get sweet and sour over the hon­ey­pot!

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