Make love, not war!

Xan­der’s re­quest leaves Emma with a tough choice: if she re­jects it she’ll lose him to Zoe... but if she agrees she could ban­ish her for­ever!

TV Soap - - The Bold And The Beautiful -

is a virtue and over the past few months Emma has shown great in­tegrity in stand­ing by her boyfriend Xan­der while her love ri­val Zoe bla­tantly throws her body at him in and out of the bed­room! Now that the pair will be mod­el­ling along­side each other at the In­ti­mates fash­ion show, Emma re­alises her per­se­ver­ance will be tested to its very lim­its.

Be­hind the scenes at the show, Emma (Nia Sioux) spies a se­duc­tive Zoe (Kiara Barnes) re­as­sur­ingly coach­ing Xan­der (Adain Bradley) through a lit­tle bout of stage fright as he gets set to take to the run­way for the rst time. Be­liev­ing that Zoe is ex­ag­ger­at­ing Xan­der’s ner­vous­ness, Emma rolls her eyes in frus­tra­tion as Hope (Annika Noelle) checks in to see if she’s hang­ing in there. She knows from ex­pe­ri­ence how hard it is to watch as the man you love is en­ticed by an­other woman! Emma main­tains that she doesn’t have a choice be­cause St­effy’s (Jacque­line MacInnes Wood) fash­ion col­lec­tion takes prece­dence over Hope’s Fu­ture line, and so she sto­ically main­tains her dig­nity... as Zoe and Xan­der get closer and closer.

On hand to pho­to­graph the event, Emma’s soon snap­ping shots of Zoe and Xan­der, irked when the shame­less vixen ashes her a taunt­ing, know­ing smile – as if to say she’s won Xan­der and Emma’s lost him! Fur­ther fu­elling the shut­ter­bug’s ire, Zoe seeks out Julius (Obba Ba­batundé) and Vivi­enne (Anna Maria Hors­ford) in the au­di­ence, mak­ing a point to curry favour with them as Xan­der’s girl. Step­ping onto the run­way, Zoe, Xan­der and the other mod­els get caught up in the glam­our and hype of the event, mo­ti­vat­ing a ir­ta­tious Zoe to sug­gest a pri­vate cel­e­bra­tion with Xan­der af­ter­wards.

To Zoe’s dis­tress, Xan­der’s rst and only thought is of spend­ing time alone with Emma, leav­ing her an­noyed and jeal­ous at be­ing shunned. Cor­ner­ing Wy­att (Darin Brooks), she un­loads to him about her re­la­tion­ship woes, while Xan­der joins Emma for a lit­tle post­show peace and quiet. Pas­sion is also on his mind, though, as he asks Emma to take their lov­ing re­la­tion­ship to the next level. She knows that Xan­der has wanted to ex­plore her body for a long time but she’s al­ways re­sisted, pre­fer­ring to wait un­til ex­actly the right mo­ment. With Zoe sink­ing her claws into him faster and deeper, Emma con­sid­ers giv­ing in and get­ting down and dirty with Xan­der, know­ing it would keep him in­ter­ested and com­mit­ted to her, and hope­fully less at­tracted to Zoe. If she says no once more, it could be enough to push Xan­der fur­ther into Zoe’s car­nal clutches... TVS


COS­TUME DRAMA Xan­der (Adain Bradley) and Zoe (Kiara Barnes)

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