Daisy Carter

TV Soap - - The Young And The Restless - (Yvonne Zima)

Last seen in Septem­ber 2012 be­ing checked out of Fairview San­i­tar­ium by her mother, a woman who signed her name as Sheila Carter, Daisy has am­ple rea­son for want­ing to com­pli­cate Lau­ren’s life again. In the past, Sheila’s daugh­ter held Lau­ren pris­oner and ter­rorised her, ul­ti­mately forc­ing Lau­ren to get a gun for pro­tec­tion from the spit re! Daisy has un nished busi­ness with Lau­ren and if she’s do­ing Sheila’s bid­ding, Lau­ren bet­ter watch out!

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