Flash that Hol­ly­wood smile!

You don’t need to waste money on ex­pen­sive teeth-whiten­ing treat­ments for a toothy Tin­sel­town grin. Here’s a few sim­ple, cheap hacks you can try at home to give you that pic­ture-per­fect look. Best of all, most of them you’ll al­ready have on hand in the ki

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Bak­ing soda

Bak­ing Soda is a nat­u­ral clean­ing and ox­i­dis­ing agent. You can try adding a quar­ter of a tea­spoon to your own tooth­paste daily or you can mix the bak­ing soda with wa­ter and use it to brush your gnash­ers. This should help make your teeth grad­u­ally whiter over time, without dam­ag­ing them.


A favourite DIY teeth and breath fresh­ener with Hol­ly­wood’s nest, the de­li­cious and healthy berry will help whiten teeth as it con­tains malic acid, a nat­u­ral cleanser.

Warm salt wa­ter

Look af­ter your gums and whiten your teeth nat­u­rally by mix­ing a tea­spoon of salt in a cup of warm boiled wa­ter (let it cool rst) and use it as a rins­ing mouth­wash.

White foods

In­clude more chicken and white sh in your daily diet. Avoid pig­mented foods such as beet­root, blue­ber­ries, car­rots and cui­sine which con­tains food colour­ing.


One a day keeps the doc­tor away! Ap­ples are a nat­u­ral teeth-cleans­ing food.

Wa­ter and milk

This is the ob­vi­ous choice of drink to keep teeth whiter, so go for th­ese over soft drinks. White wine is bet­ter for your smile than red wine if you want to in­dulge in a tip­ple.

Tough ched­dar

Hard cheese in par­tic­u­lar is claimed to nat­u­rally cleanse and strengthen the teeth.

Co­conut oil

Try a ta­ble­spoon of co­conut oil as mouth­wash. This has been claimed to re­move bac­te­ria and may also helps to pre­vent plaque and stains from stick­ing to the teeth.

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