Hits & heart­break

Fight­ing his drug crav­ings, Jack leans on Lin­coln to get through it... un­til Nicole deals him a dou­ble bow that may push him off the straight and nar­row!

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In­dulging in recre­ational drug use re­cently has en­tirely up­ended Jack’s life. Hav­ing been clean for so long, he’s des­per­ately re­sist­ing the urge to use again and is grate­ful to have

Lin­coln’s sup­port, as the man he loves du­ti­fully helps him through with­drawal. Anx­ious to re­pair the dam­age he’s done to him­self, Jack (below) meets with Nicole at the hospi­tal, hop­ing that he’ll be re­in­stated to his old po­si­tion.

Aghast at Jack’s be­hav­iour and be­liev­ing he doesn’t de­serve any se­cond chance, Nicole de­clines the re­quest, leav­ing Jack de ated and feel­ing as if he’s been thrown on the scrapheap. At­tuned to Jack’s heart­break, Lin­coln weighs in, an­grily chal­leng­ing Nicole to ad­mit that her de­ci­sion has more to do with her per­sonal feel­ings for him than it does with what’s in Jack’s best in­ter­ests.

Con­fronted with the truth, Nicole re­verses Jack’s sack­ing and although he’s thrilled, his hap­pi­ness proves pre­ma­ture. Also grate­ful for Nicole’s change of heart, Lin­coln thanks her and they’re soon in a close mo­ment… un­aware that a dev­as­tated Jack is watch­ing, won­der­ing whether his ef­forts to get and stay clean are worth it when his boyfriend may not be as com­mit­ted to him as he makes out.

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