Hol­i­day HELL! Threat­en­ing it’ll be a turkey shoot if she doesn’t stay out of her mar­riage!

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Thanks­giv­ing is that time of year when peo­ple pause, re ect, step back and take stock of ev­ery­thing won­der­ful in their lives. How­ever, for Quinn For­rester, this year’s fes­tiv­i­ties pro­vide the per­fect mo­ment for her to re­assert her dom­i­nance as Eric’s wife and ma­tri­arch of the For­rester man­sion. With Pam and Donna still sniff­ing around Eric and snap­ping un­com­fort­ably at her heels, she lays down the law when it comes to Thanks­giv­ing din­ner – Pam and Char­lie aren’t in­vited or wel­come!

Ap­palled at his wife’s edict, Eric (John McCook) dis­misses

“Quinn awaits the day she can throw Pam and Donna to the dogs like Thanks­giv­ing left­overs!”

Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) “sug­ges­tion” that Pam (Al­ley Mills) and Char­lie (Dick Christie) “need a break from cook­ing this year” and promptly adds them to the guest list. Pre­dictably, Quinn bris­tles at his in­ter­ven­tion but, as the spouses head to­wards an un­com­fort­able im­passe over the is­sue, Pam in­ter­rupts, wind­ing up her neme­sis even more! Stalk­ing off, Quinn skulks and hides in the shad­ows, lis­ten­ing in as Pam dis­mays Eric with the news that she and Char­lie are spend­ing Thanks­giv­ing alone this year. The at­mos­phere would be far too awk­ward at the man­sion af­ter what’s gone on be­tween her and Quinn over the wed­ding in re­cent weeks… “Non­sense”, Eric tells his sis­ter-in-law; she and Char­lie are com­ing to din­ner and that’s that! Tear­ful and heart­ened by his wel­com­ing and em­brac­ing stance, Pam con des to Eric that Stephanie’s been in touch from be­yond the grave and has a special mes­sage for him! Be­mused, Eric’s wide-eyed as Pam main­tains that Stephanie is telling her that Donna (Jennifer Gareis) is the ideal woman for him! It’s taken Stephanie a long time to re­alise it but she now knows that Donna re­ally did love Eric – and she feels des­tiny has brought her back to LA to win his heart for good!

Not one for such ho­cus-pocus, Eric’s thun­der­struck when Pam adds that she feels dark times are on the hori­zon, and it’s all be­cause of Quinn! Gruffly shush­ing the batty blonde, Eric in­sists it’s time Pam re­spects his wife; he’s asked her to do the same for her and, what’s more, he’s mar­ried to Quinn and he loves her!

Pon­der­ing Eric’s words as he walks out, Pam’s star­tled when Quinn emerges from hid­ing, ercely growl­ing that she should be ashamed of her­self! Warn­ing her with a re­minder that Stephanie’s dead and can’t pro­tect her any­more, Quinn threat­ens that if Pam keeps try­ing to turn Eric against her she’ll “crack her crazy head like an egg!”. She knows what Pam’s an­gle is but there’s noth­ing she can do to un­hinge her mar­riage.

Nat­u­rally, ten­sions are run­ning high as Thanks­giv­ing nally dawns, forc­ing Mrs For­rester to plas­ter on a smile and wel­come Pam and Donna to the house to ap­pease Eric. As bread is bro­ken, turkey nib­bled and le­mon bars scoffed, Quinn prefers to bite her tongue – she can’t wait for the day she can hap­pily throw these two witches to the dogs… just like to­day’s left­overs!


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