Here's to you, Mr Robin­son!

Paul’s dad Jim is putting in a very special ap­pear­ance in episodes air­ing later this month – but since he died in 1993, here’s a look back at his high­lights on the show…

TV Soap - - Neighbours -

Fam­ily Af­fairs

SPOUSES: Anne Daniels; Bev­erly Mar­shall (Lisa Army­tage & Shauna O’Grady) Chil­dren: Paul Robin­son (Ste­fan Den­nis); Glen Don­nelly (Richard Huggett); Scott

Robin­son (Dar­ius Perkins & Ja­son Dono­van); Julie Robin­son Martin (adopted; Vikki Blanche & Julie Mullin); Lucy Robin­son (Kylie Flinker, Sasha close & Melissa Bell)

GRAND­CHIL­DREN: Twins David (Takaya Honda) & Leo (Tim Kano) Tanaka; Amy Wil­liams (Zoe cra­mond); Triplets Cameron (Adam Hunter), Robert (Adam Hunter) & Elle (Pippa Black) Robin­son; An­drew Robin­son (Jor­dan Smith); Daniel Robin­son (Tim Phillipps); Madi­son Robin­son (Sarah ellen); Han­nah Martin (Re­becca Rit­ters); An­nie Robin­son-Pap­pas (Gra­cie He­len Vine)

COUSINS: Hi­lary Robin­son (Anne Scott-Pendle­bury); son Matt Robin­son (Ash­ley Paske)

Ladies’ Man

Anne: Anne, mother to Jim’s sons Paul and Scott, Anne was Jim’s first wife for more than a decade, un­til her tragic death in child­birth with Lucy in 1973. It left Jim dev­as­tated and his grief-stricken state prompted Anne’s mother He­len (Anne Haddy) to move in as the kids’ care­giver, and Jim’s on­go­ing com­pan­ion. For many years, Jim also be­lieved Julie was his bi­o­log­i­cal daugh­ter un­til it was dis­cov­ered years later that, one night in 1963 while Jim was away for work, his boss Roger

Ban­non raped Anne! Once the truth came out, Jim for­mally adopted Julie.

Mau­reen Don­nelly: Serv­ing in the Viet­nam War, the stress of fight­ing and the dis­tance from his fam­ily prompted Jim to seek com­fort with nurse Mau­reen, who fell preg­nant. Giv­ing birth to Glen, she hid the child’s ex­is­tence from Jim un­til he sought him out as an adult.

Anna Rossi (Roslyn Gen­tle): His best friend Max Ram­say’s (Fran­cis Bell) sis­ter-in-law proved al­lur­ing for Jim but their brief en­gage­ment ended when a most dis­ap­prov­ing Julie tore strips off him at the en­gage­ment party! Zoe Davis (Ally Fowler): Twenty years Jim’s ju­nior and be­ing Paul’s secretary were prob­lems Zoe strug­gled to over­come as he tried to com­mit to their long-term af­fair. How­ever, naughty Lucy hated her and plagued her with nui­sance calls un­til Zoe blew a whis­tle down the phone, tem­po­rar­ily deaf­en­ing the child! Paul was also in love with Zoe but af­ter she mis­car­ried Jim’s baby and learned she couldn’t con­ceive again, she left.

Ruth Wil­son (Stephanie Daniel): Fall­ing asleep on the english widow’s shoul­der on a flight from Amer­ica proved lucky for Jim! He ca­su­ally dated her un­til she re­turned home to London a few weeks later.

Bev­erly Mar­shall: In­tro­duced to cousin Hi­lary’s friend from Ade­laide, Jim hated the doc­tor on first sight – but over time fell in love with her and they wed! Be­com­ing guardians to

Bev­erly’s nephew and niece so­lid­i­fied their hap­pi­ness but she wanted her own baby. Two mis­car­riages and Jim’s unease over her fos­ter­ing an aban­don­ing baby robbed her of that, and she fled the mar­riage, re­turn­ing to Ade­laide with old flame Ewan O’Brien (Peter Sum­ner).

Caro­line Alessi (Gillian Blak­eney): Un­able to over­come the stum­bling block that Caro­line was as young as

ex-lover Zoe, Jim dumped her, es­pe­cially with Caro­line’s iden­ti­cal twin Christina (Gayle Blak­eney) also dat­ing, and even­tu­ally mar­ry­ing, Paul!

Dra­mas & Other Deaths

 Strongly dis­ap­prov­ing of Scott’s teenage ro­mance with Char­lene (Kylie Minogue), Jim schemed with her mum Madge (Anne charleston) to bust them up, but wise words from He­len re­gard­ing his own teenage past with Anne pre­vailed and Jim gave the young­sters his bless­ing in 1987.

 Buy­ing and rac­ing avin­tage car was Jim’s dream but all plans to en­ter the clas­sic 500 were aban­doned when his pet­ri­fied fam­ily begged him not to do it be­cause the car’s three pre­vi­ous own­ers were all killed driv­ing it!  Re­gard­ing Bev­erly’s nephew

Todd (Kris­tian Sch­mid), whom they fos­tered, as an­other son, Jim was shat­tered when he was hit and killed by a van in 1992!

 Heartache also came with the ar­rival of his il­le­git­i­mate son Glen, whose in­ces­tu­ous re­la­tion­ship with an un­wit­ting Lucy drove Jim to dis­trac­tion when they kissed!

 Re­cov­er­ing from a mas­sive heart at­tack suf­fered dur­ing an en­er­getic bike race, Jim de­vel­oped ro­man­tic feel­ings for his nurse and next door neigh­bour

Pam Wil­lis (Sue Jones). es­tranged from hus­band Doug (Ter­ence Dono­van), Pam loved him back but re­turned to her mar­riage.

There Go the Or­anges!

An­nalise Hart­man’s (Kim­ber­ley Davies) glam­orous but cun­ning mum Fiona (Suzanne Dud­ley) only had eyes for Jim, or more ac­cu­rately, his mod­est wealth. Ig­nor­ing his fam­ily’s warn­ings, Jim fell hard for the gold-dig­ger, even in­vest­ing in a hair sa­lon for her and mov­ing her into No. 26! How­ever, He­len and Julie’s an­tipa­thy for her weighed on Jim un­til the fate­ful day he clutched his chest in agony and crashed to the kitchen floor, scat­ter­ing a bowl of or­anges! He suc­cumbed in­stantly and when Fiona walked in on his corpse, she sim­ply stepped over it, picked up the phone and trans­ferred money from his ac­counts to hers and fled via the front door, leav­ing Jim to be found by his sis­ter-in-law Rose­mary (Joy cham­bers)!

Dale’s Daily Dra­mas

Ac­tor Alan Dale left the soap in early 1993 over a pay dis­pute. He fa­mously went on record say­ing work­ing for Grundy was “the worst ex­pe­ri­ence…they prac­ti­cally forced us to be mis­er­able”. Type­cast as Jim in Aus­tralian act­ing cir­cles, Alan moved on to strato­spheric act­ing suc­cess in the US with roles on The OC, Ugly Betty, Once Upon a Time and Hot in Cleve­land among oth­ers. He cur­rently plays Joseph An­ders in the re­boot of 1980s su­per-soap Dy­nasty (cur­rently stream­ing sea­son two on Net­flix).

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