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Tweed res­i­dents who think the sewer sys­tem is blocked should call Coun­cil at any time be­fore they call a plumber to avoid a stink over a plumber’s bill.

The phone num­ber to call is (02) 6670 2400 in of­fice hours or 1800 818 326 af­ter hours.

Coun­cil can quickly de­ter­mine if the block­age is our prob­lem or the re­spon­si­bil­ity of the prop­erty owner by check­ing the sewer in­spec­tion shaft.

The in­spec­tion shaft is the point where re­spon­si­bil­ity trans­fers from the Coun­cil to the prop­erty owner.

The owner is re­spon­si­ble for en­sur­ing the in­spec­tion shaft is vis­i­ble and ac­ces­si­ble (not cov­ered with veg­e­ta­tion etc) and for any­thing that hap­pens from the in­spec­tion shaft back to the house. Coun­cil is re­spon­si­ble for main­te­nance and re­pairs down­stream of the shaft in the pub­lic sewer.

If a prop­erty owner thinks they have a blocked sewer, they can check their in­spec­tion shaft by re­mov­ing the lid and look­ing in­side or they can ring Coun­cil to get help.

A gen­eral rule to ap­ply is if the in­spec­tion shaft: con­tains waste­water or wa­ter, itõs prob­a­bly Coun­cilõs prob­lem and Coun­cil will fix it is clear, itõs prob­a­bly the own­erõs prob­lem and the owner will need to hire a plumber at their own ex­pense, or con­tains tree roots, it may be a shared prob­lem and the cost to fix it also will be shared.

In most cases, if a prop­erty owner en­gages a plumber, the prop­erty owner is li­able for the bill.

ÒWE are re­ceiv­ing too many bills from plumbers we have not en­gaged and res­i­dents are be­ing dis­ap­pointed to learn that Coun­cil will not cover the cost,ó Se­nior En­gi­neer Peter Hay­wood said.

Òall Tweed plumbers know that Coun­cil should be called first to de­ter­mine whether itõs a Coun­cil prob­lem. They are asked to ad­vise cus­tomers of this be­fore they re­spond to a call­out for a blocked sewer.ó

To avoid block­ages in the sewer sys­tem, cus­tomers are re­minded that many items are not meant to be flushed. De­spite their name, Ôflush­ableõ wipes are not flush­able and are in­creas­ing caus­ing block­ages at Coun­cilõs sew­er­age pump sta­tions.

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