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Well be­fore the rest of the mar­ket showed any sign of a ‘boom’, the owner of this Benz de­cided to cash in and seek 1989-level money for a rare and tidy two-door ‘Pon­ton’. Fully-im­ported Ger­man cars were a rar­ity on 1950s Aus­tralian roads and even by the 1980s there hadn’t been a flurry of im­ports. Find­ing 220SE two-doors of this age on sale lo­cally re­mains tough and even the Euro­pean mar­ket seems con­fused as to re­al­is­tic val­ues. Based on all avail­able in­for­ma­tion, that hefty $20K from 1985 has likely blos­somed into a very wel­come $120K.

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