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I rea lly en­joyed read­ing your ar­ti­cle on the Tucker Tor­pedo and I got to see one in ac­tion dur­ing a 2015 v isit to the Academy of Art Univer­sit y, San Fran­cisco, which has a top qualit y dis­play of mainly late 1920s to 30s cars, all in splen­did re­stored con­di­tion which in­cluded:

De­lage 1927, Min­erva 1927, Lagonda 1927, Daim­ler 1928, Deusen­berg Js1930s, Cord 1931 / 1937, Packard Coupe 1935, Auburn 1935, Pierce Ar­row 1937, Squire 1937, and Lin­coln Ze­phyr 1939.

At the Academy I was able to see and hear a 1948 Tucker Tor­pedo, be­ing started up and driven out, for short term dis­play, else­where.

It’s f lat-si x he­li­copter en­gine was cold, but even­tu­ally splut­tered into life, with t he aid of t he loca l equiv­a­lent of ‘Start ya Bas­tard’. I men­tioned this nomen­cla­ture to the tech­ni­cian in­volved – he t hought it hi­lar­i­ous !

A movie is avail­able about the re­mark­able Pre­ston Tucker.

Bren­dan O’Donoghue email

ED: Sounds like the Art Academy has a tasty selection of cars to pe­ruse. Thanks for the travel tip Bren­dan.

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