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As was fash­ion­able at the time, the LTD fea­tures a v inyl roof. Not only did it look t he part but it a lso hid a com­po­nent of the man­u­fac­tur­ing. The chas­sis was cut and shut for ex­tra length by around 12cm and the v inyl cover meant Ford didn’t have to spend too much ef fort tidy ing up t he joins in t he roof. Over t he years, t hat be­comes a rust trap.

Those litt le quirks aside, t he big P6 is an im­pres­sive bit of k it. As Kevin sug­gests, it car­ries a huge amount of hu­mans and gear, while be­ing a prett y handy tow car. The interior is plush and you get t he sense you could travel a long way in com­fort.

Per­for­mance feels much the way you’d expect wit h t he big la z y V8 up front. It gets away wit hout hes­i­ta­tion and t here’s plent y of poke on tap for overta k ing. There’s a litt le body roll through turns, but not as much as you might expect in t his well-kept ex­am­ple while t he bra k ing is bet­ter t han av­er­age for t he pe­riod. Back in t he late sev­en­ties, t his would have felt like a ver y spe­cia l car.

Kev in says he spent a long time f in­d­ing t his ex­am­ple and ended up strip­ping it for a re­build any way. As a re­sult, his v iew is t here aren’t that many sur v ivors – maybe 10 per cent of the orig­i­nals, be­cause own­ers couldn’t be bot hered restor­ing them once they wore out. That could well be right.

We found a cou­ple for sa le, and the prices weren’t high. Re­ally, t hey looked like bar­gains com­pared to some­thing like an up­mar­ket X A through to XC V8 Fal­con. The catch would be to f ind some­thing t hat’s not go­ing to end in tears in the body shop, which is where a car like the one you see here – t hat’s a lready been re­stored – could eas­ily end up fetch­ing se­ri­ous money.

Would you be happy if you owned one like t his? I reckon so. Just point it at t he op­po­site side of the countr y and stop when you see the ocean…

TOP It feels big in­side and out, though that 351 pow­er­plant means it has plenty of per­for­mance.

ABOVE Owner Kevin Crough.

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