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Back when Chrysler Aus­tralia was seek­ing ap­proval from head of­fice to de­velop the new VH range, it ended up with a prob­lem. That was, it had a minis­cule budget, said to be just $22 mil­lion, to de­velop a sedan, wagon, ute vari­ants and, by the way, some sort of luxur y range. That in it­self was to in­clude a sedan, plus a hard­top.

Chrysler could hardly miss that Fairlane and States­man were rum­bling out of show­rooms at a de­cent clip and clearly wanted part of the ac­tion. The pimped VIP sedan from the pre­vi­ous se­ries went some way to an­swer­ing the call, but didn’t re­ally do the job.

With the new se­ries, the cars were to be longer and ver y well spec­i­fied, while any men­tion of the Valiant fam­ily car name was dropped. En­ter Chrysler by Chrysler, which were richly ap­pointed for the time and came with a choice of two en­gines: the pre­mium 265 in-line six with a Borg Warner type 35 auto, or the 360 V8 with a Torquef lite 727. Just 2500 were made in 1971-76.

As Cliff Cham­bers re­ported in 2016, when we first looked at the coupe you see here, owner Sean Mor­gan un­der­stood why these mod­els would have strug­gled in the show­room. “The Charger was a re­ally ex­cit­ing car, well mar­keted and a huge suc­cess,” he said, “But Chrysler had two coupes and the long wheel­base coupe was liv­ing in the shadow. All that ex­pense and cost, such as the tool­ing for those huge rear quarter pan­els and the long rear deck, it was a bit of a fail­ure.”

What’s the ap­peal now? “I think the rar­ity, par­tic­u­larly in the Aus­tralian Chrysler fra­ter­nity... I think there would be less than 200 V8s left as orig­i­nal.”

When we started putting this stor y to­gether, we asked the ques­tion, what are the coupes that make the cut? This is def­i­nitely one of them. Your big­gest is­sue will be find­ing one...

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