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Not a whole lot has been en hap­pen­ing at the Mel­bourne Bloke Cen­tre. ntre Af­ter a quiet Jan­uar y, y it seems like ever y editor I’ve ever worked for wants a mil­lion words on t he lat­est big thing. And they want ’em now. As a re­sult, the RS2000 is still not back on t he road af­ter I cooked t he head-gas­ket back be­fore Christ­mas. But fear not, be­cause it’s not fa r of f, and t he litt le white mon­ster will be out ter­ror­is­ing t he hot-hatches again soon.

How far is not far of f ? Well, af ter check­ing t hat t he head was still stra ight and lap­ping in t he va lves to cor­rect a lea k or three, my old mate Bon­dini and I f in­ally got around to bolt­ing the head back on and tim­ing the camshaft. Mind you, that could only hap­pen af­ter I’d bought a new belt ten­sioner and we dug around Bon­dini’s work­shop tr y ing to find the ten­sioner spring that some­how man­aged to make a brea k for free­dom. It didn’t get fa r on foot.

The other hur­dle was that I had to buy a new torquewrench to do the head bolts. Torrens bor­rowed my old torque-wrench a while back to tighten the heads on his Dak-Dak, but be­fore he’d tight­ened up t he f irst nut (air-cooled V Ws use a nut on a stud rather than head bolts) his ex­pe­ri­ence told him that my wrench was telling pork ies. An­other bor­rowed wrench con­firmed his hunch. So the old torque-wrench got the f lick and I lashed out and bought a brand-newie. Not be­fore I ac­tua lly needed it, of course, which meant an­other trip to t he tool shop cut­ting into our ac­tua l work­ing time. Ever no­ticed t hat do­ing any par­tic­u­lar job is usu­ally equal parts tack ling t he ac­tua l job and faf f ing about tr y ing to f ind/buy/bor­row t he stuf f re­quired by t he task in ques­tion?

Any­how, the head is now on and I’ve re-set the rocker clear­ances which is not ac­tua lly too hard to do on a Pinto if you have a set of feeler gauges and enough brains to pick an ex haust va lve from an in­let. Next step is to bolt on the man­i­folds, hook up the plumb­ing and bolt down t he rocker cover. Then I’ll f ire it up, r un it for about 20 min­utes to get it warm, shut it down, rip off t he rocker cover and do a f inal torque­ing of t he head bolts.

Speak­ing of Pinto head bolts, I no­ticed t hat t hey use a Tor x head which, in my lim­ited ex­pe­ri­ence, sug­gested to me t hat t hey were a stretch-f it deal and could only be used once. But a phone ca ll to a loca l Pinto spe­cia list re­vea led t hat t hey could, in fact, be reused, sav ing me a few bob. It’s com­mon enough adv ice, but when in doubt, ask a grown-up.

Project Duck­poop, mean­time, has a lso been sit­ting around like a sta le bott le of you-k now-what wit h only litt le jobs get­ting done. But even if progress has been slow, some has oc­curred and the brown girl now has pad­ding on its roll-cage. And, wit h t he car back on its wheels, I could f in­ally bor­row a mate (Torrens again) and do a f inal tighten on t he roll-cage mount­ing bolts. That would have been eas­ier with the car on the hoist, but that may have meant that any t wist in the body (some cars get so much t wist on a hoist that they won’t al­low you to open one or more doors) would have been per­pet­u­ated by t he roll-cage. By tight­en­ing t he cage wit h t he car on its wheels on f lat ground, it gets locked into its natura l, rela xed po­si­tion by t he rat her ex­ten­sive, eight-point cage. Much bet­ter for some­thing t hat is hope­fully go­ing to han­dle like a sca lpel. Okay, a but­ter-k nife, but you get t he point.

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