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It’s quite fash­ion­able to chor­tle up your sleeve when it comes to Amer­i­can cars and new tech­nol­ogy. But in the case of fu­elin­jec­tion, the Yanks weren’t far off the pace at all. While Mercedes-Benz is well known to have fit­ted fu­elin­jec­tion to a pro­duc­tion car with its 300SL of 1954, the very first in­jected petrol pro­duc­tion car was a Go­liath GP700 (also Ger­man-made) in 1952 which used ba­si­cally a diesel in­jec­tion pump with a throt­tle valve. But by 1956 (for the 1957 model year) Chevro­let was of­fer­ing Rochester me­chan­i­cal in­jec­tion on 283-cube ver­sions of its Corvette.

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