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There are about 60 mem­bers in Aus­tra lia and New Zealand, and we’re prob­a­bly t he only Prince­specif ic club out­side of Ja­pan. We have been in­volved wit h t he Ja­pa­nese club for t he last decade.

Some 331 cars of f icia lly im­ported when they were new and about 120 still in ex is­tence, only 45 of which are still on t he road. Most of the own­ers have mul­ti­ples, which is why t hey still sur v ive.

If you’re look ing for one as a restorat ion project, r ust is a com­mon is­sue. Orig­ina lit y and how com­plete a car is can be crit ica l. Parts for a Prince Sk yline GT are v ir tu­ally non-ex is­tent. Me­chan­i­cally, we get things made. For ex­am­ple we’ve gone to t he trou­ble of get­ting f irst gears made, head gas­kets made. We can’t get en­gine com­po­nents, and we a lways tr y to modif y and make things work. Get­ting a car as com­plete as pos­si­ble is t he key – if you see t wo, buy them!

We’re t he best place for in­for­ma­tion on what com­po­nents they should have. What you see on t he in­ter­net can be a bit sha k y, whereas our own­ers are a good source. We’re prob­a­bly a good place to start if you want to buy one as well, as t hey ver y ra rely get ad­ver­tised. Gen­er­ally our group will be given f irst ref usa l on some­thing.

I used to be into old 356 Porsches and Kar­mann Ghias and t he like, but sold them up and switched over to t he Prince. I haven’t looked back – it’s a pas­sion.

The cars in Ja­pan ran from 1964 and in Aus­tra lia t hey were avail­able from 1965 to 1968.

These days they’re an ab­so­lute plea­sure to drive – li ke a lot of old cars. You have noise, t he triple We­bers on t he straight si x, and the later mod­els had f ive-speed boxes with LSD. They’re ever y thing and old car should be. For t heir day, they were an ab­so­lute rocket.

We ma­iantain records for a ll t y pes of Prince Sk ylines, Prince Glo­rias and Com­mer­cials, while keep­ing strong ties wit h mul­ti­ple Ja­pa­nese car clubs and en­thu­si­asts around the globe. Ed’s note : Search the News&Re­views sec­tion of trade­u­nique­ for our three Prince Sky­line GT fea­tures.

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