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TRACK DAY cars are usu­ally the last thing I’d look at given the thrash­ing most cop. How­ever, in this case I’ll make a ex­cep­tion be­cause of this model’s fa­mous his­tor y.

The 1300 was Honda’s first at­tempt at a main­stream small coupe. This car was so im­por­tant to the brand that the de­sign and de­vel­o­ment project was led by none other than Soichiro Honda him­self, who said, “It’s to take the wind out of the sails of Toy­ota and Nis­san.”

Honda also spent a for­tune de­vel­op­ing the air cooled 1.3-litre en­gine found in the 1300 that sold in very low num­bers in Aus­tralia. I’m glad to see the in­te­rior hasn’t been butchered with roll bars and exta gauges f lung across the dash and to take it back to its road car roots won’t cost a for­tune. I reckon this 1300 coupe would be a heap of fun on the track, which is prob­a­bly why its owner tricked it up in the first place.

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