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IN JULY UK-based Hagert y’s In­surance will be host­ing t he fift h stag­ing of the Unexceptional Con­cours d’Ordinaire, for ex­cep­tiona lly or­di­nar y, but now rare and – per­haps – clas­sic ve­hi­cles.

Cel­e­brat­ing t he un­ex­cep­tiona l and best for­got­ten me­chan­i­cal dross t hat lit­tered t he roads over the years, the Con­cours is open to a ll ‘or­di­nar y’ ve­hi­cles from 1966 to 1990 and will be held in t he grounds of Stowe House, Buck­ing­hamshire, a venue t hat is any t hing but un­ex­cep­tiona l.

The ex­pert ly-se­lected 45 ‘of fi­cia l’ un­ex­cep­tiona l en­tries for 2018 will be joined by a hand­ful of ex­traor­di­nar­ily or­di­nar y ve­hi­cles hand-picked from t he v isi­tor’s car park and inv ited to join t he main con­cours par­tic­i­pants on the Stowe dis­play law n

To mark the fifth an­niver­sar y of t he pi­o­neer­ing event – t he first of its k ind in Eu­rope – a hand­ful of the win­ners and ‘peo­ple’s choice’ cars from prev ious years will a lso be ex hi­b­ited, as will a few man­u­fac­tur­ers’ clas­sic ve­hi­cles, in a spe­cia l Fif t h An­niver­sar y dis­play.

Past win­ners have in­cluded an im­mac­u­late and rare Nis­san Cherr y Eu­rope, a Mor­ris Ma­rina pick-up, a crowd-pleas­ing Hill­man Avenger Su­per Es­tate, plus an as-new 1983 Datsun Sunny 1.5 SGL.

The light-hearted ‘Feast of t he Unexceptional’ will re­turn wit h par­tic­i­pants again en­cour­aged to pack a pe­riod pic­nic, wit h food and drink re­flect­ing t he era of t heir car.

Orig­ina lly staged in 2014 and t he first event of its k ind in Eu­rope – to cel­e­brate t he or­di­nar y, ever yday cars from t he 60s,70, 80s and 90s t hat have a ll but dis­ap­peared.

Fes­tiva l of t he Unexceptional (FOTU) has al­ready be­come a mus­tat­tend event wit h a rea l cult sta­tus for t he ad­mir­ers of the mun­dane cars of t he past in­clud­ing Mor­ris Met­ros (as well as Mari­nas) Vaux hall Chevettes, Hill­man Hunters, Austin Mon­te­gos and Al­le­gros, Toy­ota Corol­las and much more mun­dan­ity from Bri­tish and Euro­pean brands.

Early nom­i­na­tions for t he 2018 FOTU in­clude a rare Volk­swa­gen 412 and base t hree-door Golf Mark I, a Volvo 66 DL, Citroen GS X1 and Fiat Strada.

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