Unique Cars - - ONES THAT GOT AWAY -

Just imag­ine if the oil cri­sis had ar­rived ear­lier and the Amer­i­cans wanted a com­pact Cadil­lac in 1971. Just how many of these great-look­ing HQ States­mans with the 5.7-litre, 350 en­gine could we have sold them? Of course those Chevro­let­sup­plied en­gines be­came li­a­bil­i­ties once oil be­came ex­pen­sive and Holden didn’t need the ag­gra­va­tion. Bye bye Monaro 350 and the big-en­gined HQ as well. Es­ti­mates say that around 2700 of these cars were made but only a few dozen are left in­tact. This looks good enough to cer­tainly be a sur­vivor.

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