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While I sort of un­der­stand, and fully sup­port Trevor Hayliss’ en­thu­si­asm for his favourite rag top, Ford’s Capri, I take ex­cep­tion at his com­par­i­son value to a sim­i­lar vin­tage Mazda MX-5 (NA).

The lat­ter is a pur pose built rear-wheel-drive driver’ s car. The for­mer is a re­bod­ied front-wheel-drive Mazda 323/Ford Laser, wit h the han­dling of a shop­ping trol­ley and are only good for top-down boule­vard ing. The def­i­ni­tion of a hair­dresser’s ca r!

In fact when­ever I’m sell­ing an MX-5 and some knob brings up the price dis­par­ity be­tween the two cars, I ad­vise them togo and buy a Capri as they ob­vi­ously won’t ap­pre­ci­ate the pure driv­ing bliss an MX-5 de­liv­ers. Gary Smith Raven­shoe, Qld ED: Ouch! There’s no doubt the MX-5 rates as one of the all-time greats as a light sports car and more of­ten than not is seen as a true suc­ces­sor to the MGB. As for the Capri, yep, they are more of a boule­vard cruiser – though we’ve seen some in­ter­est­ing per­for­mance ver­sions – and I’d sug­gest they may yet have their day in the sun thanks to their lo­cal devel­op­ment and build his­tory.


Fair dinkum, Guido, is this Higgo for real?! The poor old Lan­dau – it’s only crimes are its height, wheels and diff ra­tio. (Higgo gave the Lan­dau a bit of a harsh rev iew in is­sue 412’s Aussie luxo bomber fea­ture - Ed.)

This is a se­ri­ous Aussie-built ve­hi­cle, with 351, FMX tran­nie, a truck driv­e­line and I might add the first pro­duc­tion car with a nineinch disc brake rear end.

The four elec­tric win­dows and four bucket seats only make it stand out in the some­times bor­ing crowd. It cer­tainly does not sug­gest a Span­ish brothel ! Well, not mine any way.

Sim­ple changes such as K-Mac coils and bar, a 336 ra­tio and some as­sis­tance from Che­viot in the wheel area rad­i­cally change both its look and han­dling abilit y.

I as­sure you if the learned scribe came for a quick squirt on the sunny coast hin­ter­land he would have to ex­change his sea­sick bag for new un­der wear.

Next time you sit down for a sher­bert and a sing-along, make sure Higgo has the same song­sheet.

Carl A Wal­lent

Mary­bor­ough, Qld

ED: Each to their own, Carl. Some days, this lot can be a tough crowd. Not to worry, I’m with you on the Lan­dau and would love a to have one in the shed.

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